Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How To Get Her Sexually Attracted To You

How To Get Her To Feel Sexually Attracted To You

By Alex Allman, author of Revolutionary Sex

I want to share with you 2 things that I
believe any man can do... that will make you much
more sexually attractive to women.

If you are single this can get you more dates...
If you are married, just try to imagine how much
better your relationship could become if you knew
how to trigger your wife's sexual attraction for

In other words... this is important stuff, so
read on...

Let me start by asking you a question...

What do WOMEN think is "sexy" anyway?

Tattoos? Clean-cut guys in well tailored
suits? Danger? Money? Muscles? A feeling of
security? Musicians and poets? Power? Pretty
boys? Tough guys? Bad boys? Brains? A great
sense of humor?

Sure. Of course. There are women that
find each of these things sexy.

Some women like tattooed, rocker types.
Some get turned on by clean-cut, Wall Street types,
some like 'em pretty and some like 'em tough, etc.

But is there something that ALL women think
is sexy? Is there something that really pushes the
hot-button on every girl you'll ever meet?

There is.

In fact, there are two things.

And these two things are so powerful in the
way that they affect women, that if you strongly
exhibit these two qualities, it can overcome just
about anything else.

In other words, if you have these qualities,
you will be sexually attractive to a woman that
usually goes for tattooed guys even if you're a
Wall Street guy, or vice-versa.

And the really great news is, they are qualities
that any man can acquire if he's willing to LEARN
and to work at it a bit.

And, yes, I'm going to tell you what they

What you do with this information after that,
is up to you...

Women are generally creatures of emotion,
and men generally are about facts and results.

Of course this isn't always true, but
pretty close.

And it's especially true when it comes to
sexual relationships. Men want facts and results
(like: what's your phone number and when are we gonna
get it on?).

But women are much more emotionally driven.
(like: we'll get it on when it FEELS right to me.)

I challenge you to find a woman that
disagrees with that statement.

Emotions and feelings are what really
motivate most women, and your ability to make
her FEEL things, your "emotional power" over her,
is key to her feelings of sexual attraction.

PASSION is the language of emotional power.
And for a woman, it is the best indicator of a
man's ability to FEEL things strongly...

And make HER feel things strongly...

And THAT drives women crazy.

Passion is the first of the two things that all
women find sexually attractive.

Does it matter what you have a passion for?

Well, for starters, you can't go wrong with
SEXUAL passion.

But she's not going to be able to read that
in you immediately unless you go around with a t-
shirt that says, "Hey Girls: Passionate Lover Right

(I don't recommend it, by the way, but hey,
it COULD work).

But seriously, passion about anything is a
turn on for women.

I admit, and I guess it's obvious if you
live on this planet, that artistic passion... like
passion for playing the guitar or writing powerful
poetry is more attractive than passion for theoretical

But I PROMISE you, even passion for
theoretical mathematics is seriously sexy to any
woman who encounters it.

The problem is, the mathematician usually
doesn't believe that others share his passion and
so he, like most men, walks around suppressing or
hiding his passion and his emotional power.

For women, these timid men that walk around
all covered up and too weak to show their emotional
power are all the same.

They are guys that are too shy or too afraid
to express their passions for the guitar or poetry
or mathematics. And so she can be pretty darn sure
that they are too timid to show their passion in bed.

In other words...

They are just like the last guy that failed
to impress her in bed.

I suppose that there are some passions that
don't impress women-- like, say, passion for
watching Monday Night Football with a can of beer
in your hand...

But that is only because it is a passion that
is so common that women don't discern it as a
measure of emotional power-- just a "guy thing."

But if the same guy that went completely crazy
with enthusiasm during the football game could
bring that same kind of passion to other things in
his life-- almost any woman would find herself drawn
to him... maybe even fantasizing about him.

If you are married and your wife sees your
passion for football, but feels excluded from it,
then the problem is your inability to SHARE your
passions with her.

I dare you to find a new passion (or re-find an
old one) that kindles your excitement, and then
share that excitement, without filtering it, really
getting excited about it WITH your woman. Watch
the result it has on her... watch how she gets
swept up by it and gets pulled into you masculine

Sure, she may gently tease you in the moment for
getting all excited about something she thinks is
silly... but...

Watch what happens later that evening when you
get into bed.

But getting back to my example about the

A girl asks him, "what are you doing?" and he
mumbled under his breath, "It's just math... you
wouldn't be interested..."

What would it take for the mathematician to
really show his passion, to really blow a woman's
mind with his emotional intensity on the subject?

First of all it takes some guts. Because he is
used to hiding his passion, like most of us are.

What does it take to REALLY be yourself and
not care what other people think? What does it take
to be so comfortable in your own skin that what other
people think doesn't matter to you?

Massive confidence.

And, as it turns out, THAT is the second
quality that all women find sexy:


A woman can never completely let go and
trust a man that does not display confidence.

It helps if you know what you are doing...
But more important is to have the attitude and the
rock-solid BELIEF that you know.

In the presence of a man like that, most
women feel huge amounts of sexual attraction.

Often they can't even tell you why. They
just say, "there's something about him."

And to really rock a woman's world in the
bedroom, the best place to start is to be confident
about your sexual ability and your sexual identity.

This sexual confidence and PASSION during love-
making is the single biggest turn-on for most women.

It is what allows her to surrender herself to
experience pleasure that she probably has never even
dreamt of.

Since the ability for a man to SHOW his passion
comes down to having confidence, I guess you could say
that confidence is the more important quality in being
sexually attractive to your woman.

And that makes sense.

Because while most women wouldn't explain it quite
as carefully as I have done in this article,
again, I challenge you:

Ask any woman you know if she agrees with this
statement-- that "confidence" is the single biggest
thing that all women find sexually attractive.

I think you'll see very quickly that I'm on to
something very big and very true, and that you
need to learn more about it--

So, here's the big question...

I said that ANY guy could learn to do these
things that women find so sexually attractive.

So HOW DO YOU become the kind of sexually
confident guy that women fantasize about?

In my experience, it's a bit more complicated
than just deciding "I will be sexually confident
from now on."

But I want you to know that it's not so much
more complicated that it can't be learned.

In fact, I believe ANY man can display massive
sexual confidence... the kind of sexual confidence
that has his woman crawling all over him all the
time... just by learning a few simple things.

The keys are both External... learning the
actual skills, techniques, and "competence" in the
bedroom that breeds confidence...

And Internal... learning to silence the voices
of doubt and judgment (that women can sense),
that can destroy that passionate sexual confidence
before you ever have a chance.

On the one hand there is nothing "hard" about
this process...

On the other hand, it's not likely you can go
it on your own or that you'll figure it out "by
accident". And because the woman in your life
has gotten used to you not having this confidence
and passion, and she will resist you trying to
change... it will freak her out a bit.

You need the tools to handle all of these
factors and really grow into your new identity
comfortably and happily.

I believe it will profoundly change your life
and your relationship. And both you and your woman
will be so much happier and more fulfilled when
you have done it.

Plus, she will be so sexually satisfied that very
little else will matter!

A great way to get started is to download
your copy of my online eBook and start reading it
on your computer right now.

It is is filled with incredible techniques
and tips to take your sexual relationship to
levels that you can't believe until you experience

You can find the book and my FREE, sex tips
newsletter right here:

Learn To Be Sexual Confident

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Texting a Woman You Really Like a Lot

You finally met a woman you really like. How you communicate with her is a big in determining if she is going to like you back. It's a fine line in texting women. It's easy when you aren't that into her, but when you are, suddenly, you are second guessing your every move.

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When texting a woman you like, you want to spark her interests. You don't want go into overkill and appear desperate. If you go about this the wrong way, you can kill her attraction. Texting a woman is powerful, because unlike men, women do respond to words. Not only do they respond, they analyze the crap out of everything a man says. You know women, it's true.

Think about this, how often is it that the woman you aren't that into is more into you? Why is this? Maybe because you don't go over board. You text her at random, and aren't so available. For some reason this makes her want you more. That old human trait, she wants what she can't have. Keep this in mind when texting a woman you really like.

I am not suggesting you play games, I am just suggesting that you treat her somewhat like you aren't that into her. Don't start texting her all day long. I know you want to reach out and touch her, but there is some truth to absence makes the heart grow fonder. Engage in a conversation daily is fine, but keep it down to a few texts and try to be the one to end the conversation. A sign that she is into you, if you end the conversation and she sends you one more text, you got her on the hook.

Women like intrigue and mystery. If you are texting a woman all the time, or telling her your every move, it's no mystery. Sometimes it's in what you don't say that gets her interest sparked. If she texts you and asks a question, dance around the answer for a while. Let her work for it. This is a way to measure her interest. If she does keep going for an answer, again, you got her hooked.

When texting a woman you really like, you want to be fun and flirty. You don't want to send her boring texts about mundane things going on in your day. Keep those things to yourself. I know you may be really wanting to send some sort of text a woman you like to check to see if she is still there. Hold off. Only text her when you have something that will make her smile or put good thoughts in her head about you. Leave the boring stuff behind.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

How Texting a Girl Can Backfire and Turn Her Off

Texting being the biggest dating tool available can be used to turn a girl on, but if used incorrectly, it can be a huge turnoff. Texting a girl should always be done in moderation. There is a such thing as overkill. This applies also to calling. The key here to remember is less is more.

I am going to share a story here with you about Jack and Diane. They met at happy hour one afternoon and hit it off. Jack got Diane's number and texted her the next day. Jack immediately jumped in and started texting her Good Morning everyday, even before their first date. Diane thought it sweet and really didn't think nothing of it.

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Fast forward, they start dating. They hit it off, things are good. Jack steps up the texting, now not only is it Good Morning, but he is sharing bits and pieces of his day, staying in constant contact with Diane. Now there are so many women out there complaining that their guys don't text or call enough, so what is the problem here?

Let's go forward a couple more months. Jack and Diane are still dating, but Diane has slowed down on her responses to Jack. He texts her while she is at work, while she is shopping, it's just too much. Diane goes out with the girls. Jack texts her half the night and she can't relax. She starts ignoring him, so he calls. She has to assure him everything is ok, but she would like to enjoy her evening.

Diane is now frustrated with the way the relationship is going. She feels like Jack doesn't trust in what they have, as he seems to need to keep in touch constantly. She starts seeing this as clingy needy behavior. She doesn't feel like Jack trusts her anymore although he claims he does.

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Diane cuts her phone off for an entire weekend. Jack has pushed her to the limit and killed her attraction. Jack sees his behavior as considerate. He doesn't understand he took away all of the challenge, all of the mystery by being to available with his constant texting.

A challenge and some mystery are what builds attraction with women. There are texting techniques you can use to build the attraction but there is a such thing as overkill. When texting a girl, if you want it to last or you want to keep her, remember less is more. Click Here to get over 101 proven flirty text messages

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Top 4 Mistakes Men Make in Bed

1. Asking Her What Turns Her On

Talk to women any day and you will find their biggest complaint is communication, men just don't really know how. Asking her seems logical right? Wrong. We appreciate the effort, really we do, but for most of us, opening up like that is not an easy task. We want a man who leads, who pays attention and knows what to do. We do understand you can't read minds, but we know somewhere inside that if you pay really close attention to the signals of our body, you will learn what turns us on without asking.

If you just ask her "What turns you on?" you might get a good answer. She might even like it when you ask her. But there is a strong chance that, on some unconscious level, she will feel a weakness in you and be disappointed.

She will be less turned on by the sexual experience if she feels weakness. The key is to get her to open up and get her to show you without you asking.

2. Using Techniques to Please Her

Techniques are great, but again, a woman's orgasm really is directly connected with her brain. The problem with these techniques is that all women are different. What works on one, will not work on another. A woman can tell when you are just focused on a mastering a technique. This means one thing to her, you aren't focused on her but on what you are doing at the time. She then feels pressure to reward you for your efforts. We often fake orgasms at times like this just to get you to stop. It makes us very uncomfortable to have a man doing some robotic thing hoping to bring us to orgasm.

3. Not Understanding the Sexual Language of Women

Sexual communication is foreign to most men. Women give off all kinds of signals, but you aren't understanding her most of the time. Have you ever been going down on a woman and for some reason you feel she may be up there sleeping? Have you ever had a woman getting really excited and she pushed you away or stopped you? This is happening because again, you aren't paying attention and she is frustrated. If you can learn how to listen to a woman's body and really pay attention, she is capable of having an incredible sexual experience. Tons of signals are being sent out when a woman is close to orgasm. Men misinterpret them for many reason, one of which is he may be looking for the standard orgasm response. Screaming, moaning,what ever he has encountered before. Not all women are alike and I can't stress this enough. Some orgasm quietly and you have to pay attention to her breathing. Others thrash around. Some are still. It is critical to be able to read her sexual language and all women speak it differently.

4. Not Doing Anything To Fix It

The 4th and biggest mistake of all. If you don't do anything to fix it. Women will stay and remain faithful to you if you are an incredible lover, don't underestimate the power of it. If you aren't doing it, chances are somewhere out there is a man who will take the time and effort to take her to higher sexual levels.

Are you the best lover she ever had? Are you sure? You can be.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Before You Text a Girl Good Morning

If you have a new girl in your life and are thinking of sending her a good morning text first thing to consider is this. Is she as into you as you are her? When we girls get a good morning text, we know in that instant you are into us. We think, wow he is thinking of me in the morning, this guy really likes me. You have lost some of your mystery appeal here. She now knows she is in. Once a girl knows this, the fun is pretty much over. Do you really want her to know yet that you are thinking of her even when you awake in the morning?

Another thing about texting a girl good morning is you are setting up an expectation that is pretty high. If you are both into one another and it is early on, she is going to start expecting it everyday. It lays ground work for issues ahead. Do you want to be expected to text her every morning? What happens if you stop feeling it for her or miss a few mornings? I will tell you what happens. Women analyze. She will start worrying if you might be getting distant. There is a good chance she may cause some drama. It's like when you tell a girl you are going to call her and you don't. What does she do? You know the answer to that one I am sure.

Last but not least is texting a girl good morning is pretty boring. It doesn't do much to build attraction. It's sweet, but sweet will not make her feel it for you. To build attraction with texting a girl you need to convey mystery and be a challenge. Texting is a huge tool that can be used to build attraction if you do it with skill.

Any guy can send the same old boring messages that we get everyday. Learn to stand out and escalate the attraction to a higher level through texting.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

She is Distant - What Happened - What to Do

Ever been dating a woman maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months and all of a sudden she is distant. You can tell in her voice she is less than thrilled when you call, she may stop answering some of your texts and worse she canceled a date. You can feel her pulling away and you don't know why.

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Chances are she is not feeling the attraction she felt earlier. Attraction for a woman is a tricky thing. They like to feel secure, but at the same time they do like mystery. You might want to ask yourself have you been smothering her or maybe being too predictable.

Men often wonder why women love jerks. This is not really true, it's just there is something that jerks can do that the nice guys struggle with. They create attraction. They are not so easy to get and are far from predictable. If you are texting her relentlessly, telling her you miss her and other mushy stuff, this really is a turn off. We start to think, oh boy, if I don't return the sentiments, he is not going to be happy. Then we feel responsible for your happiness. This is huge in killing attraction.

I will share a story about attraction gone south. Tim met Jen. They hit it off, started dating. Tim immediately started texting her everyday. Good Morning, Good Night, sharing parts of his day with her. He sent her flowers. She was flattered at first. How sweet. Weeks go by, he continues. Jen is starting to get bored. She calls me and doesn't know what to do, she feels smothered and is starting to see him as a friend. The more she pulls away, the more he comes after her. She is distant. Relationship dies before it even gets off the ground because Tim wouldn't give her time to miss him, the key element in building attraction.

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If you feel she is distant, don't go after her even harder. Give her some space and time to miss you. Don't ask her for reassurance, this makes you look needy and will kill the attraction even more. If you text her every morning, miss one. Mirror her level of commitment. This shows her you will not allow her to be the center of your universe. This is wildly attractive to a woman.

It's like flowers on Valentines day. You get them for her because it is expected. If you are relentless and predictable, she will come to expect it. A woman would much rather get flowers at random than on a day of celebration. It means so much more.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why and How Women Fake Orgasms

Women faking orgasms is very common. I often hear men say she should just tell them how to please her. Truth is though, this isn't really something a woman feels comfortable doing. She knows it may take her longer and she fears this will turn a man off. She is also scared you may see her as a freak.

With the porn out there, it puts some pressure on women. In any porn flick, the women are in these insane positions such as ankles around the neck, or contorted into a pretzel, yet she is screaming her head off in ecstasy. This really isn't realistic. A woman is often self conscious and to have her legs over her head does not make her feel attractive, trust me. She is thinking of her belly and how it might look to you. If you are behind her, she make think her rear is too wide. These things get in the way of our orgasms. An orgasm with a woman starts in her mind.

Just like you don't want to disappoint her, she doesn't want to disappoint you. This is the main reason women fake orgasms. She is thinking of you and not her. Women by nature want to please you. They know how sensitive men are when it comes to his performance. It's often just easier faking an orgasm than risking hurting your feelings.

I know a lot of men who would say their women faking an orgasm is out of the question. Many a man has been fooled by this illusion. Women do fake it. They can actually contract their vaginal muscles and breath and moan and groan just like the porn stars do it. You roll over thinking you are the man and she rolls over frustrated thinking she just put on the show of her life. She has dug herself in and now she doesn't know how to fix it so that you will know how to satisfy her.

If you are having sex with your woman and she is panting and screaming like a banshee ape, there really is a good chance she is faking it. If she really is having an orgasm, her heart starts beating really fast when orgasm begins, she gets flushed, and her breathing is shallow and fast. A woman's nipples go completely erect during an orgasm. This is a little fact they never will share with you because then you would know their secret.

All women fake orgasms at some point, there are few who haven't. We talk about it often with our girlfriends. It's a very common topic among women. They don't feel safe to open up because they are too worried about what you may think. If you want to satisfy her and assure she doesn't have to fake it, this may take opening your mind to the fact that you may not know what you think you know.

Are you positive your woman isn't faking it? Do you want to be the best lover she ever had? For tips to blow her mind in bed and really connect click here.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Online Dating Email-The Subject Line Is Critical

In my experience with online dating, that first email is your opportunity for a first impression. The subject line of an online dating email is her next impression after your profile, which is also critical. Don't underestimate the power this simple thing holds as to weather she will consider you as a candidate or not.

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I am an advocate of online dating. I have done it and met some really great guys, even had a couple of long term relationships, not to mention the friendships I have had too. Don't get me wrong, I have met some crazy guys, just like I am sure you have met some crazy women. It's a numbers game, but if you are dating online, you increase your chances of finding a companion by leaps and bounds.

I have seen many things in a subject line of an online dating email. First there is the "no subject". This does nothing to spark interest. You need an interesting subject line, one that stands out in her inbox. Quality women get a lot of emails. If they open up their mail and see "No subject", they think you didn't put forth too much effort.

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Then there is the ridiculous subject line that almost all the guys use. It's something like "Hey Sexy", "Nice pic", "Hi beautiful", etc... You get the drift right? When we open our mail, we often have many of these that are so alike it's just down right discouraging. We roll our eyes and say, "Oh Boy, here we go again".

So what do you put in the subject line of an online dating email then? Find something in her profile and use that to come up with a subject line. Be witty and humorous. Let her know you actually read her profile. Stay away from anything sexual and don't comment on her appearance of good looks. Attraction for a woman starts in her mind. Stimulate her mind.

Another good trick is if you exchange several emails which if she is a quality woman she may want to do, change the subject line with every few emails. This piques her interest. If she opens up her mail and finds a different subject line every time, you start to stand out from the rest. You are more interesting and creative than the others.

The subject line of an online dating email is just one of the many important things to consider. There is the profile, email content, profile picture and the list goes on and on. To triple your chances of getting dates online, invest in learning what works and what doesn't, I think you would be surprised. Knowledge is power.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Text Messaging to Make Her Fall in Love

Can you make a girl fall in love with text messaging? Sounds crazy doesn't it? Well not really. Girls respond to words if used in the right way.

Do you have any clue how many women fall in love online without ever meeting the guy? They form this amazing attachment to a stranger and are convinced they are in love. How do I know this? For starters, I have about 15 of them living in my inbox seeking advice, plus it has happened to me.

Think about it, texting a girl is very similar to emailing back and forth. If a guy can hook a girl through email, surely he can hook her with texting also. It's all about building mystery, attraction and sexual tension. It's not always about what you say, but also about what you don't say. To make a girl fall in love with text messages, you have to be clever.

There are techniques you can use in communicating in the virtual world that keep her hanging and wanting more. I have been on the receiving end of this communication and let me tell you, by the time I met the guy, I was sure it was love. Sounds crazy I know, but he knew how to push my buttons. I wanted to know more about him because he knew how to use the words to let my imagination go into overtime. I spent an entire day texting this guy and at the end of the day, I realized I really knew little about him and he knew a lot about me. How on earth did he do that?

Texting with your girl can enhance your relationship if you know the right techniques and what to say and what not to say. Texting girls is the number one tool in dating now. Some guys are naturals, some are learned. Which one are you?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Conveying Mystery With Text Messages to Women

It really is what you don't say that packs the punch. Let's say she just texted you "What ya doing?". You can answer her and tell her of course. " I just had lunch, now I am going to walk the dog." How boring is that? No mystery there is it. When texting a woman, be fun, not dull.

Let her imagination do your work for you. Don't actually answer her question. Dance around it. Change the subject. This would be even more effective if she asked something like "What are you up to tonight?". It leaves her wanting more information, a sure way to build mystery when texting a woman.

Another way to avoid the questions is to answer something just crazy or off the wall. Something like "Signing autographs, whatever, you get the point. It starts an entirely new conversation
yet she still doesn't have the answer to her question. Again she wants more information.

When texting a woman, less is more. Another way to be mysterious is to not reply right away. Wait a while. Let her wonder what you are doing that has you so busy you can't answer. Now chances are good that if you don't answer right away she will text again. If she does, use this opportunity to pick at her for her impatience and how she must really want you to keep texting.

When texting girls so many guys are so boring. They are predictable. Boring and predictable do not build attraction when it comes to texting women. Mystery and illusive build attraction. Be evasive. This makes her want to see you. It's a challenge and all people, male and female, love a challenge. It's a fact.

Monday, October 18, 2010

"The Psychology Behind Portraying Mystery... Think of Movie Previews..."

By Derek Lamont
Online Pickup Artist Expert & Author

We all know that MYSTERY is an integral part in attracting sexy women. But many men have absolutely no idea what REAL mystery is or how to portray it PROPERLY... especially in their online dating profiles.

Portray mystery correctly, and you’ll have all the attraction you need to escalate your interactions to the next level. To be honest, in all my experience seducing women, portraying that element of mystery is one of the most sure-fire ways to build up a physical relationship...

So how can this be done?

First, mystery simply cannot be conveyed unless you have conveyed high value. Think about it from a girl’s perspective if you can... are you going to want to find out more about something if you know that there’s going to be NO value in the end?

Of course not!

The analogy that I like to use is the “Movie Preview” one... think of how mystery is portrayed in one of those movie trailers. They show some of the BEST parts of the movie but then... WAIT... it stops! They cut it off when the seemingly BEST part is about to come.

That’s exactly what you need to do in your real life interactions and your online dating profiles! Let me give you an example...

Say you’re filling out your “interests box” and you want to spice it up a bit... you can say like...

“And my greatest and most passionate hobby involves mixing fancy SPORTS CARS and... something else. ;) I’m not telling at this point!.”

See what I mean?

You convey value at first by saying that you’re into FANCY sports cars. This, in turn, conveys that you have a passion in something very exotic. This is VERY appealing. Then, of course, you finish it off by saying that you aren’t telling.

I mean, there are tons of other examples... but you get the gist. Every good profile will have at least ONE of these.

Compel women to message you!

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Check it out?

What are you waiting for?

By Derek Lamont

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dating Again Without Getting Attached

Maybe you are coming out of a divorce or maybe you just broke up with a woman. You want to get back into the dating world but the last thing you want is to get exclusive with a woman to quickly.

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Meeting them and going on dates is not the problem, but once you hop in the sack, she starts acting like a girlfriend, wearing that girlfriend crown around, all proud and crap. She calls you if you don't call her, she wants to do your laundry and make you life easy. This really is sweet of her, but it also means now you feel responsible for her and you have the power to hurt her. Not a good feeling is it?

Ask yourself this though, were you sort of acting like the boyfriend? Were you calling her often, spending more time with her? Did you do like most men and go into that infatuation fog? You really weren't thinking of the future, you were lost in the moment and wanted to have sex.

Understand that women are naturally wired to bond and nurture, especially after sex. They start seeing that picket fence, strollers and babies often right from the very beginning.

If you really don't want to get involved so quickly, there are a few things you can do to keep her at a distance. Don't call her every day. Don't spend all of your free time with her. Call once, maybe twice a week. A text every now and then and take her out only once a week. Don't start sharing your day to day life with her. When you do all these things, she is going to think you want to be her boyfriend and trust me, she will start acting like your girlfriend.

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Then you try to tell her you aren't ready for a relationship and she freaks. What??? But you called all the time, you spent time with her, and you slept with her. How could you?

Dating really doesn't have to be so complicated. You can date more than one woman and have a good time. You don't have to commit to one until you find the right one.

Free Dating Tips For Men

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Last Thing a Girl Wants to Hear About

By Derek Lamont
Online Pickup Artist Expert & Author

Alright. I have to get this off my chest before I go INSANE...

So many guys that pickup girls online make this mistake. I mean, it seems like it would work, but it really... REALLY doesn’t.

This error that I’m referring... BRINGING UP SEX TOO EARLY!

Every guys seems to want to bring up the topic of sex way too early. DON’T. For many HIGH QUALITY women, it’s a sure sign that you’re just a horny punk with no respect.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t bring up sex... but that’s further down the road when you’ve built up enough TRUST and COMFORT... and often, I wouldn’t bring up sex until you actually MEET the girl in real life first!

Women have this negative image of how men are online... they think there are a ton of creepy guys that DON’T know how to REALLY please a woman... and by bringing up sex way too early, you are falling right into this “creepy category”...!

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t FLIRT online. You just need to know HOW to do it properly and make sure you don’t come off the wrong way.

You can convey what I call “Online IOI’s” or “Online Indicators of Interest.” An Online IOI can mean “lol’ing” at their jokes, increasing the amount of what you write, decreasing the duration of intervals between of messages, etc.

Mix these in with some “Online IOD’s” and now you have a recipe for creating a tremendous amount of attraction through your instant messages or e-mails...

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

3 Critical Mistakes When Talking to Women Online

By Derek Lamont
Online Pickup Artist Expert & Author

So… you’re on your favorite dating site… or maybe you’re on Facebook…

And there she is.

The girl that catches your attention. But what do you do? Let me tell you what 99% of guys do… they’ll message them and say something really generic like…

“Hey! How’s it going! You look really interesting and I was wondering if you would like to chat sometime! Hit me back!”


“Wow, you’re gorgeous. I bet you have all the guys out there hitting on you… but hopefully this message will get through to you because I would really like to treat you out sometime!”


“I’m the nicest guy ever if you give me the chance! You should hit me back!”

I don’t care if you believe me – but it’s true. I guarantee you the success rate of some of these generic messages are about near 1% if you’re lucky. And that’s if you have a really nice profile…

So what’s the magic formula?

Well for starters…I did mention this before… you need for PERFECT YOUR PROFILE before you get started.

Don’t message ANYONE until your online dating profile is perfect!

What do I mean by this? You need to get the right pictures and right content in your profile. An attractive girl will not message you back if you have NO picture and just the most generic responses in your profile content.

Picture yourself from a girl’s perspective… you see some guy message you on some dating website and he has NO pictures… can you say creep?
What kind of pictures do you need to include? Typically speaking, you need to include pictures that convey value – but not in the way you’re thinking of… I’ll get to that a bit later.

The second thing you need to do is READ HER PROFILE. Too many guys fail to personalize the first message, which is critical. There are too many cut and paste messages out there.
An attractive girl gets as many as fifty messages a day! Do you think she’s going to have time to read all of them? Absolutely not.

You need something that catches their attention…the easiest way to do this is to personalize your message! More on this later…

Finally, the third thing most guys do is… write way too damn much!

Keep the message SHORT! Again, you need to appear like a non-creepy and non-needy guy. Again, imagine being an attractive girl… and you literally receive a full-fledged NOVEL! How weird is that to her? You barely know her and already you’re willing to invest a massive amount of time for her?

She doesn’t deserve that yet.

I give you all the tips you need on my website! So you’re in luck.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Transform Your Computer Into a Seduction Machine with Facebook

By Derek Lamont
Online Pickup Artist Expert & Author

So I’ve been sitting here for the last 7 minutes in awe.

Why? Well, I’ve been looking at Facebook’s latest user-base statistics… and let me tell you something. They are absolutely staggering. As of right now…there are approximately over SIXTY-FIVE MILLION ACTIVE USERS!

Now, I don’t have to say this…but I’m going to anyways. This is a bloody gold mine for picking up women. But I’ll get to that a bit later…

I can’t even begin to imagine how hot those Facebook servers are running… because that is outrageous. Not only is their user-base absurd, but their growth has been just as despicable; 250, 000 new users every single day that passes…3% weekly growth…doubling in size every 6 months. Whew.

Apparently, according to this data, no one uses Facebook. End sarcasm!

We live in an era where almost everyone has one of these little accounts. It’s almost borderline necessary to have one of these accounts if you want to function “normally” in society… and I’ll prove it to you.

Let me tell you about one of my good buddies. His name was Andrew… and I bet everyone knows a guy like Andrew.

He HATED the whole Facebook/MySpace movement, claiming that he would never…ever…get a Facebook account. And yeah…when something is as ridiculously popular as Facebook, there are bound to be a good handful of downright HATERS.

But let’s face it. Whether you’re a Facebook junkie (…logging into your account every single day to check your wall posts and send out a few “pokes”) or just someone who absolutely despises the social-networking movement, you can’t deny the fact that it’s becoming an integral part in social dynamics.

I mean…you can keep in touch with people you would usually NEVER talk to anymore, not to mention strengthening the relationships you currently have... you get invited to more interesting “events”… you get to see what all your friends are up to at any given moment… and you get to meet some pretty neat people if you try!

But anyways… back to Andrew. He started to feel like his social-circle was leaving him. No, his friends didn’t stop talking to him because he didn’t have a Facebook account, but you could tell – he just didn’t have as many friends as everyone else did. He didn’t get invited to as many birthday party bashes or going away parties. He just didn’t get to know as many people…

You might be thinking…well, maybe Andrew is just a loser! He wasn’t. He was a pretty good-looking dude with a good head on his shoulders.

However, it was easy to see that he was a little more “disconnected” from society. And you know what? After Andrew moved back to Toronto a week ago… even I lost contact with him.

Sad, isn’t it? With some of your “not so close” friends, you almost have to RELY on another communications medium to keep in contact with them… that’s what Facebook’s for. We might as well make the most of it then.

So how am I going to tie this in with girls?


Think about all the beautiful, gorgeous women that are on Facebook. It’s not a “nerds only” exclusive fan club anymore. THERE ARE SOME INSANELY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ON HERE! But some of you are thinking… yeah… but it’s SO easy to be labeled a “creep” if I message one of them.

I thought that too until I got to know some of the most prestigious and elite “online pickup artists” known to man.

Let me put it this way. If you know what you’re doing and you set up your Facebook/MySpace profile properly, picking up women on these websites is easy as PIE. I can teach you this precise method.

And let me tell you it is NOT the same as how you would approach a woman in real life… there are no “multiple threads” or typical “DHV” spikes (Demonstration of Higher Value) like you all may be familiar with. Doing so can get your account reported or banned for harassment. Ouch.

So do you want to learn some secrets on how to attract, meet, and seduce these beautiful women? You can get started by learning how to tweak your profile so you won’t look like another average chump on the internet… visit

You can sign up for my free e-course on how to attract women with just written language. I also teach some fatal mistakes all men do when talking to women online! Don’t get left out.

So get with the times! The laws of attraction have always been the same, but there is a new and easier way to use them. Click here to learn about meeting girls on facebook.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Midset for Picking Up Girls in Bars

Girls don't go to bars looking to pick up guys as a rule. They go out to have fun with their girlfriends, have a few drinks and get dressed up and wear the new pair of shoes they just bought at the mall. They know they will get hit on and they usually sit around with their chick friends and make fun of all the lame pick up lines that guys use. Next time just look at that table of giggling girls. You can bet they are sharing some lame guy story. If you really want to pick up girls in bars or just get their number, you have to stand out. Not always easy to do.

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Their defenses are already up because of the other guys that have been hitting on them. The competition is fierce when you are attempting to pick up girls in bars. It's like 3 to 1, guys on girls. This means that before you even approached there were probably others before you and she knows there will be others when you are gone. Her defenses are already up and it's really hard to stand out in the crowd when her mindset is already made up that men are all creeps.

A guy would love to be able to call his buddies the next day and tell how he picked up this really hot chick. Guys brag about picking up girls in bars, no doubt. Keep in mind this is not usually the goal of the girl. She wants to be able to call her girls the next day and talk about how she met this really great, funny guy who was different from the rest. He got her phone number and now she is anticipating his call. The white horse story so to speak.

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In order to be successful with girls in bars, it is really important that you understand their mindset and how they think. They are emotional creatures and to be able to get past her guard, you really have to learn the skills of how to push those buttons. If you want to pick up a girls in bars, by all means it's possible with the right tools.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Online Dating Profile Advice for Men

Below is a Newsletter I received from Mimi Tanner, a well know author of relationship books for women. I thought it was interesting and I thought you guys should read it. A lot of truth in it. I am telling you again, lots of girls/women out there. What on earth is the problem? I hope to shed a little light. I am sure by the way that this does work both ways. Women do the below too.

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Many men feel that one of the most
important things they should tell
you in their online dating profiles
is that they have a sense of humor.

The trouble is, they feel that they
must be ADAMANT about it - they
must INSIST that they have one, in
case you don't believe them!

The more they insist, the less I
believe in their so-called sense
of humor!

Many men's online dating profiles
say something like this:

"I have an incredible sense of humor.
I really do, no matter what people
think. I'm like Woody Allen but
better. I'm telling you, my sense
of humor is fantastic, you freaking

Okay, I'm exaggerating, but here's
what I mean:

First of all, just because a man
says he has a sense of humor, that
does not mean that he really has one.
It doesn't mean he would even
recognize a Sense of Humor if
it bit him...

Second, I'm not sure why men think
that just because they say they
have a sense of humor, you're going
to believe it!

I believe it when they say they
have a dog; but when they say they
have a sense of humor and then they
feel the need to go one or two steps
further to INSIST that they have a
sense of humor, then I get suspicious!

One time, when I was looking
at guys' profiles in an online
dating site, I noticed one with a
photo that appealed to me. The man
sounded intelligent. His profile
was good.

However, he did make quite a point
that he had a sense of humor!! He
was SURE about that...

He also said, "I see the glass
as half full."

I had just read several profiles
which referred to how men "see the
glass" (zzzzzzzz). The "glass half
full or half empty" is already a
cliche, but I think that was one of
the suggestions this site made to
people as a way to describe themselves
in their profile. So I had already
read several profiles of men who
stated - of course - that they
see the glass as half full. (I
mean, any other answer is "wrong,"
because that would be "too negative"
even if it was honest...!)

This site just made it too easy
to shoot the guy a little note...
and since I wasn't trying to "find
a guy" but wanted some distraction,
I sent him a quick message.

I wrote, "I see the glass as spilled."

I also added, "That's a great picture!"
or some quick compliment on his photo.

The next day, this man wrote back
to me, "You see the glass as spilled
because of the people you surround
yourself with..."

Okay... so much for that sense of

Then he went on to tell me more about
WHY I see the glass as spilled and
how I can fix that. (Does he know
who I "surround myself with"?)

Then he added, "I'm sure your picture
is great too."

Oh, no! Strike two - the man feels
sorry for me. Well, yes, I do have
a very good picture (that was not
shown on the site by choice).

The photo comment wasn't a terrible
comment or a dealbreaker - it was
at least well intended - but the
man actually took my joke seriously
and then proceeded to give me advice.
He definitely didn't have the claimed
"sense of humor" - or not one that
would work for me.

That's one of the nice things about
online dating - you can prove to
yourself that what I'm telling
you is true - men do not respond
well to women who approach them

When it doesn't matter, you can
be freer to test the Online Dating
waters and learn more about flirting
and about how men think.

It didn't matter how this man responded
since I wasn't trying to date the guy,
but it proved that when it comes
to online dating, men still respond
best when THEY approach YOU first.

It doesn't matter how wonderful you are,
at all - so don't let it get to your
ego if men misread you when you contact
them first!

Even if you turned out to be Jennifer
Lopez - most men are suspicious - and
they will assume that there must be
something "a-miss" about any woman who
"needs to" (they will infer) contact
a guy first!

Yes, that's their mistake - I know that.
But that IS the way it is. I didn't make
the biology! This is just the way it
works 99% of the time!

So my short-term dilemma was,
how should I respond to this man
without insulting his ego, the
one that thinks he has a great
sense of humor...?

Choice 1 - do not respond.

Choice 2 - respond but nicely.

I chose Choice 2 - I wrote "That
was a joke. :)"

If I hadn't included the smile,
it would have been insulting...
it would have been extremely rude
to say, "I thought you said you had
a sense of humor...!!!" I would
never say something like that, and
I trust you wouldn't either!!

What SHOULD you say about your
sense of humor in your profile?

Apparently it's like having all
your immunizations. You almost HAVE
TO mention it, like a requirement.

Some men may think that if you don't
say that you have a sense of humor,
then you must not have one. (A guy
like that is probably not your
mental equal... move on to the
next guy if they take things too
literally! And many men do!)

So it's a good idea to mention that
you have a sense of humor. But here's
an important caution for men and

Don't ever try to "prove" that you have
a sense of humor by making a "joke" in
your profile, because this usually

For example, I was reading a man's
profile that sounded pretty good.

Of course, the guy said he had
a sense of humor. (No, really??)

Then near the end of a lengthy
paragraph or two, he said, "I'm
here because my blow-up doll is
out of order. I just wanted to
see who actually is still reading
this far."

UGH - that's a sense of humor?
That's more like a dealbreaker,
"humor" or not. YUK. This is a man
who does not understand the first
thing about women and who therefore
probably needs a plastic ladyfriend,
so NEXT... anyone who did read that
far was SO glad she did!!

That's a VERY good example of
trying to display a "sense of
humor" and having it "blow up"
on you.

Humor is something that will show
up in your interactions very
soon once you start talking. So
there's no sense trying to
PROVE that you have a sense of
humor in your profile!! Humor
is highly personal and individual
anyway - and jokes can be easily
misunderstood - as my own
experience certainly showed
when I made a joke - or thought
I did - to one of the thousands
of men who have a "great sense
of humor"!

Online dating DOES work! But don't
go into it without knowing how
it works.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Boldly Flirt with a Girl with Text Messaging

The great thing about flirting with text messages is you can really put some thought into your texts and replies. You are not face to face having to be quick witted. It doesn't matter what you are wearing or if you have even had a shower and shave. She won't know, all she has to know is how you can make her feel with your texts. When you flirt with a text message, you want to push her emotional buttons and get her hooked. This is done through teasing.

Stop wasting your time sending her all those compliments. Yes they are nice, and we often think they are sweet, but they are not what builds up the sexual tension and initial attraction. If you are going to flirt with girl by a text, tease her. Girls like to be teased. Think back to the days on the playground. We would pretend to get all mad, but really we were loving it when you pulled our pigtails. When texting a girl, think grade school.

So if you are going to flirt with a text message, tease her, pick at her. Use something like an inside joke that you share. Pick at her about a habit she has. Tell her she is such a bad girl. Be a bit naughty but not distasteful. Don't be shy, be bold. Girls love bold confident guys. Flirting with text messages should be fun and upbeat, not serious and boring.

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Another teasing technique in texting girls is to wait to reply. Don't give her an answer right away. Let her hang there a little while. She starts to wonder are you going to reply and just when she is getting frustrated, you come through. She feels relief and this creates a trigger in her. Do it a few times and she will start to associate your replies with a sense of relief. Like Pavlov's dog sort of. Train her emotions with your flirty texts. There is way more to it than the words you send when you want to flirt with a girl via texting.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Online Profile Tips for Men

First of the dating profile tips for men would be no negatives. We don't want to hear about how bad you were treated by the women before us. This tells us you have some serious baggage and chances are good you are not over the "ex" yet. We assume you don't want to play games, so why put that in your profile? That really is a no brainer. Seriously have you ever seen an online dating profile that said, "I love to play games"?

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Second of the dating profile tips for men would be cut all the crap about how honest, warm, loving sincere, loyal and wonderful you are. Honestly almost every profile says this and it gets quite mundane. We have read that so much that we just skip over the part hoping that somewhere in the next paragraph you will have say something interesting.

Third of the dating profile tips for men would be leave out your cars, boats, motorcycles and airplanes. Materialistic are you? Such a turn off. Who cares? If women are responding to you because of your worldly possessions, really is that what you want? Also, please leave your shirt on, leave something for our imagination, we are not the visually stimulated creatures that you are. We connect on an emotional level.

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So what's left, we don't want your baggage, we don't want your wonderful qualities nor your material possessions, so what do we want. We want humor, and interesting. We don't mind knowing your taste in music and maybe what you like to do for fun. We want to know are you stable or maybe a bit on the wild side. What we want is a glimpse of your personality. Not some superficial words.

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Women are now approaching men more and more on dating sites making that first move. The picture helps, but when it comes to online dating, it's the profile we pay attention to. I might be doing a search and run across a divine hunk, but if his profile is lame, well I go next. Your profile is your first impression, don't blow it.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making a First Impression on a Dating Site

The first impression is critical. Your picture is important. Make sure it is a close up and it is clear. If you choose to add other pictures to your profile, consider adding ones where you are doing something you enjoy. No pictures of pets, landscape scenes or other women, regardless if it's you daughter, mother or aunt. Women are turned off by pictures of you with other women. One of the best tips for internet dating for men is have a picture. A close up and one full body is best. Also, please remeber we women are not as visually stimulated as you men are. We would prefer you keep your shirt on for now. We really do find that shallow and tacky.

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Your words in your profile are very important. It would not help to do a reverse search and view the profiles of other men. By seeing profiles of other men you can get a good idea how to stand out above the others. 98% of male profiles start out with something like how honest, loving, sincere, hardworking and so on and so forth a man is. As opposed to what? Dishonest, hateful, deceitful and lazy? These qualities do not need to be pointed out. Your personality should shine in your online profile. She should be motivated by your words to learn more about you. Women are going to assume you are all of those thing, we sure hope so.

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That first email is critical. I am a woman active on a dating site and I can't tell you how many times I find myself rolling my eyes. A lot of men either send something lame like "Ya wanna chat?", or "How are you", or even a lame "hi". This does nothing for me or any other woman for that matter. Then there are the men that enter our inboxes trying to sell themselves. I am this and I am that. I will treat you like a Queen. I will give you massages and candlelit dinners. Please spare us, we are not buying a car. We are looking for creative interesting men. Are you out there? A male online profile should pique our interest, not bore us to tears.

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Online dating sites really are a great way to meet women. It is different than meeting in person. You have to relay a lot through words and there is no voice in the beginning or visual stimulus. Be careful with your words, it's easy to misinterpret them online. That means one thing, it is up to you and the words you choose to make an impression and create an attraction. The goal is to get the woman inspired and create a desire in her to meet you.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Keep Her Interested

So she is interested, you have been on a few dates and you like her. What is it that keeps a woman interested and keeps her out of the friend zone. Nothing worse than going on several dates, and you sense her back peddling. You are about to hear those words, "can we be just friends".

If you want to keep her interested, don't be over anxious. Keep a little distance in the beginning. Women like consistent contact, but don't go over board. A phone call once a day or every couple days is good. Toss in a text every now and then. If she texts you, don't be so eager to respond. You set the pace by the way you initiate and respond to contact. You stay in control here, women love men in control.

If you are really liking her and you feel the urge to tell her, hold up. Don't spill the beans so fast. Let her wonder how much you like her. If you just told a girl you really like her and she doesn't respond or drift out to space, slow down boy. She ain't there yet and she won't get there if you start gushing. Instead of spilling, give her a well thought out compliment. One compliment every now and then is enough. Women crave validation, but they also like a challenge. Keep the compliments well spaced, it adds allure. Allure will keep her interested.

If you want to keep her interested, treat her good when you are with her. Quality women will walk in a skinny minute when treated in a mediocre manner. Little things go a long way. If her beer is empty, by all means, order another, don't make her ask. Pour her wine for her. Take care of her so to speak. It lets her know you are paying attention and that is just hot to a woman. Again though, don't over do it.

Less is more. Moving too fast and giving too much too soon takes all the mystery away. Women are into a mysterious man. They find him hard to resist.

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5 Mistakes Men Make Dating

Ever meet a girl, get that first date only to hear shortly after the words "I just want to be friends"? What happened? Why did the attraction just fizzle? Could you have unknowingly made one of the huge dating mistakes men make.

1. Do you listen to her and ask questions about her or are you talking more about yourself trying to impress her? When the date is over, does she know your life history, all about your job and you can't really recall much about her at all? Show sincere interest in her. Being self absorbed is a big mistake men make dating.

2. Please please please don't talk about your ex wife or girlfriend. Nothing waves a flag like this one. We assume you aren't over her, or worse if you are woe is me about the issue, we won't see you as emotionally strong at all. We like strong men, emotionally more than physically.

3. Don't ask us to plan the date. We really want you to take charge, show some confidence. We don't know your budget or your expectations. If you want to present a couple of choices that's fine, but don't depend on us to plan the date.

4. Not pay for the date, especially the first one. That is an immediate ticket to the friend zone. Friends go dutch, dates don't, at least not in the beginning. We feel special when you want to pay.

5. Ignore personal hygiene and put no effort into what you wear. It happens, a guy shows up on the first date in a t-shirt and cap, with dirty sneakers. Suit and tie are not required, but a shirt with a collar is nice, no cap and decent shoes. Women really do notice shoes, trust me on this one.

Note: All of the above does not apply to low quality women who will settle for just a hook up. The above advice is applicable only if you are in search of a smart, attractive, quality woman.

The little mistakes men make dating can pop you into that friend zone in a heartbeat. Quality women can be picky. They have a broader selection of men at their fingertips. Learn to stand out.

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How to Text a Girl and Get Her Into You

If you start out with the marathon texting, you are shooting yourself in the foot in more ways than one. You want to be mysterious and not so very predictable. Predictable is boring. Marathon texting can get annoying and also boring. Save something for a real conversation.

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The first way you kill the attraction with the marathon texting sessions is this tells her you are very into her, it gives her the controls. Girls really don't want to be that much in control, they want to be led. Marathon texting also may lead her to believe you don't have much of a life if you can text for hours. No life a boring boy makes. Humor and Originality also go a long way in the techniques of how to text a girl.

Second way and it is important from a woman's perspective so I have to mention it. When you start out with a set pattern such as you always text "Good Morning" or "Good Night", or you have the "Marathon Texting" sessions, you really just screwed yourself. Now she expects it and it you miss one time, or start decreasing this behavior, don't be alarmed or act surprised if she goes a little crazy. In other words, don't set yourself up for failure for later on. If you are going to marathon text, only do it occasionally. She will appreciate it much more and sort of leaves her wishing it would happen again. Timing is a key element in knowing how to text a girl.

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So if you want to text a girl to keep her into you, let her wonder a little. Let her not ever really know when you are going to text her. This really heightens the attraction. You are there, but she can't quite pin you down. If she is not returning your texts consistently, stop for a few days, this gets her attention. All of a sudden it's like "Where did he go, he was so into me." This is an effective technique in understanding how to text a girl.

True story, the names of course are changed. Mike and Denise had been on a few dates over a months time. Mike would send the "Good Morning" texts every day. Denise sometimes replied, sometimes not. He would texted her things about his day or ask about hers. Denise did not show much enthusiasm. Mike was getting discouraged. She still hung out with him, but she never initiated a text and often didn't reply. Mike stopped for two days, did not contact her at all. Surprise suprise! Denise noticed. All of a sudden, Mike was more interesting. It could be a bit of that "wanting what you can't have".

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Less is more is a good rule to go by. Text a girl you like more like she was a girl you don't really like, especially in the beginning. Keeping her guessing is sort of lke teasing her. Girls as far back as gradeschool love to be teased.

Do you realize how powerful of a tool texting messaging can be when it comes to getting the girl? It can make or break a girl's attraction. You could be killing or intensifying your dating experiences. You can be like the majority of the clueless guys out there or you can stand out by learning some effective texting techniques.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why You Should Not Text a Girl All Day Long

When you are constantly texting a girl you become predictatable. She starts to expect it. You also run the risk of seeming too available or needy. You may also be sending the signal of how into her you really are and this is not always a good thing. Mystery and intrigue are what builds attraction, not being predictable.

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You know how it seems the one you don't like so much always seems to pay you more attention. Could this be because you come across to her as more of a challenge. This is why when texting a girl you like, it's best to treat her like a girl you don't really like, especially in the beginning. Be a challenge, not so available.

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The main reason though not to text a girl you like constantly is you want to leave her wanting more. If you are in constant contact, it does not give attraction a chance to build. Anticipation is a big part of attraction. If you are less predictable, say texting less, and at different times, she will be left wondering. A woman's imagination is a powerful tool to use to your advantage.

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When texing girls, keep them guessing. This conveys mystery and allure. What girl does not like an alluring mysterious guy? None! Besides constant texting gets boring. It also shows you don't have much of a life. A guy with a full life is attractive. A guy who does not need the constant validation he gets form all that texting is just sexy.

Friday, July 16, 2010

How to Be a Ladie's Man

When you have the ability to approach a woman and start a conversation with her, you IMMEDIATELY begin meeting more women every weekend that most men will meet in SIX MONTHS. What exactly is this ability and how do you get it. Can it be learned? Absolutely! You can be a ladies man in no time.

Men often make the mistake of trying to get a woman interested in all the wrong ways. They try to be nice, sometimes too nice. I have a guy friend, (I am a woman by the way). He is attractive, and just super nice. I can talk to him for hours and he is a great friend. Now why would I not want to date him? Its not like he didn't try. I did not feel the attraction and let me tell you, he is attractive. He is just too nice. Now don't get me wrong, we don't want to be treated badly, but the things he does in the beginning of trying to get a date just send out all the wrong signals. He used his tactics on me and got nowhere but friendship, now I watch as he repeats these things over and over and just can't seem to get to a date, let alone a relationship. He thinks he is a ladies man, but he is not, he is a ladies best friend.

He will buy a girl drinks, start up a conversation and just straight out start trying to convince the ladies of what a great guy he is and he is a great guy. A woman can think you are a great guy, but that is not going to get you far. We like a man who can get our attention and keep it. The men that stand out are the ones that have an air of confidence, are witty and tease us a bit. They don't try to convince us how great we are. They flirt in a way that challenges us to flirt back. They are natural at being a ladies man.

Being "nice" and "accommodating" and "understanding" is great for friendships and social relationships, but it's HORRIBLE for ATTRACTION. An interesting, attractive woman doesn't want a guy that she can push around. She doesn't want a guy who does what she wants him to do. She doesn't want a little boy that she can train and raise. I am assuming you want an interesting woman and not a damsel in distress, needy type woman that will try to change you.

Isn't it time to take control of your life and become a ladie's man that few women will ever reject? Don't you owe it to yourself to learn how to lay the groundwork for natural conversation, killing any "awkward" moments? There are men out there that are meeting great women and having a large time doing it. They understand what gets a woman attracted and keeps her attracted. If you could learn these skills and they are very simple, why would you not. Don't you want and deserve great women in your life?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Texting a Girl to Push Her Buttons

Ever heard the saying men fall in love with their eyes, women fall in love with their ears? In other words, women really do hang on your words. This fact alone makes texting a huge tool in attracting a girl. If done well, you get her attention, if not, well you can blow it fast.

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The goal when texting a girl is to get your texts to become an emotional trigger or anchor. When she sees it's you, you want her heart to race long before she opens your message. If you can text a girl and accomplish this, you got it made.

The way to do this is create positive feelings for a girl when you text her. This is done by being funny, witty and making her feel special. The typical text messages just don't do it. Texting about how her day is or just to say hello is dull and boring and will not set a positive trigger in her mind. There is way more to texting a girl than what you may realize. Just sending a text does not always spark her interest, you need to send a good text.

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The more attractive the girl the harder this is going to be. An attractive girl has more guys competing for her attention. She can afford to be selective. The dull and boring get weeded out quick. Trust me, I am a girl, I get lots of text messages. Some just make me want to roll my eyes and I don't even answer, if I do, my heart is not in it. It's the guy that makes me laugh that I will put some thought into my reply. When texting a girl, take the time to do it right, otherwise you are just wasting your efforts.

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Learn what messages send her through the roof and which ones bore her to tears. While she is texting you, she may very well be texting some other guy that is far more skilled than you. Don't take it for granted that you know what you are doing, because about 95% don't. Click Here to get over 101 proven flirty text messages

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Attraction and Women

How does attraction work with women? What causes a woman to feel a strong attraction for a man? Women do two things with men who are interested in them. They either make excuses not to see the man which means they are not attracted, or they hang on his every word and anticipate the next meeting with great excitement. What is it about one man that can attract this woman and another man that repels this woman.

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I am going to share a personal story about attraction. I am an attractive women that gets more than my share of attention. Attracting men is the easy part, feeling the attraction in return, not so easy. The fact is, I feel it for very few men, so what did one man do to build up this attraction that drives me crazy. A man nothing like what I would give a second thought. I like taller men, he is not tall, I like bigger men, I think he may weigh less than me. I like men who are cocky, this man is calm and quiet. So what did he do to get me to this point of constantly thinking about him?

He appealed to my emotional side. He is long distance, we could not meet for a long time, so it was emails and text messages that kept us connected. If I did not know better I would think this man had read every book I endorse on text messaging the opposite sex. He would push my emotional buttons with a little humor and a lot of mystery. The more mysterious he was the more I was dying to meet him. Never once was there a dull or lame message which resulted in my heart soaring every time I opened my phone or inbox. I was already long gone and we had not even met yet.

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Fast forward, we met. He had built the attraction so strong with his words by this time, he could have been a troll and I would not have cared. I was smitten. The rest is history to be written. So if you think nice guys finish last, and you have to be some hunk to attract a great woman, think again. Attraction for women is not visual, it's emotional. Learn how to do this and you too can attract women and double your dating. Click Here To Access the Dating Secrets Community

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Nice Guy

On a ladies forum, there is a discussion about nice guys and what advice we women would give them. Wanted to share a few of the posts here. We really do like nice guys.

A woman who is secure within herself and truthful to herself, does not respect a man who says YES to everything, as that reflects lack of personality . A real man has feelings, thoughts and principles of his own and should not ignore his real self

You're a nice guy, you're not gonna give off that 'I'm only interested in sex'-vibe anyway. But a girl's looking for a lover, not a male friend. You do need to create physical attraction and convince her that there's sexual compatability. Without some sexual tension during the date, a girl might have a nice dinner with you, but she won't consider taking you as her mate. Good flirting includes some subtle naughty humor.

Many nice guys think when it comes to women, they have the short straw. They see tons of confident, cocky males getting the woman. However, the truth is - nice guys have the winning edge. Most women will give nice guys a chance, precisely because they display more respect to a woman, they're better mannered and they have values that are so appealing to a woman.

Where the nice guys fall down however is in lack of confidence and poor self esteem.

My advice to a nice guy is to feel the fear and do it anyway. Don't be shy to make the first move. If you're interested in a woman, well please show it. Chances are you'll get success.

And if a woman does happen to reject you, please don't take it personally, and allow that one rejection to cause you to head back into your shell.

We LIKE nice guys!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Texting a Girl to Make Her Smile

Have you ever watched a girl texting? Do you watch her facial expressions and just know when it is a guy or not by the smile on her face? Some guys are really good at it, but most are really lame. I should know, I am a girl and I know hundreds of other girls. We share these messages with each other too. On public forums, via email while we work or while we are out with our girlfriends. Most of them we laugh at how lame they are, but every once in a while a guy gets it and we oh an ah over it.

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If you can consistently text a girl to make her smile, you are creating an anchor in her mind to an attraction for you. If you make this anchor solid, every time she sees your name or number on her little phone screen it triggers warm positive feelings about you. When you text a girl to make her smile, you are building and building the attraction, kind of like Pavlov's dog. She becomes conditioned to associate positive feelings towards you.

Don't fall into the trap of texting the same thing she hears from other guys over and over like "Good Morning Sexy or Beautiful". We get that all the time. Give her a pet name and use it. I have been called Scarlet as in O'hara and Goldilocks. Much more original than beautiful or sexy. When you text a girl to make her smile, be creative. Be cute and funny.

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Texting girls is powerful in dating and flirting. It can build or kill the attraction. What's so great about it is you can actually think about and plan your reply. You can go so far as to send a text to manipulate her reply if you get really good at it. It is an art and a skill. If it does not come natural to you, take the time to learn this skill. It could change your dating and relationships by drastic measure.

Stop being just an ordinary guy and learn to stand out above the others. Learn how to push her buttons through a few little words in a text message. Know exactly how to text a girl to make her smile.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Tired of Being the Friend?

I have lots of guy friends. Many of them have the same complaint. "I am sick of being told she just wants to be just friends". Recently I got a text from one of these friends. Frustrated would be putting it mildly. He texted me that he was getting t-shirts made that said "Lets just be friends". He is a great guy. If he hadn't become such a good "friend" to me, I would probably date him myself. The problem now is though, that's how I see him. Why?

Because he has always acted like a friend. He did not challenge me. He would just ask me to do things, totally skipped a lot of the pre-date foreplay. He is a nice guy. We women do want a nice guy, we really don't want jerks, well at least us sane ones don't, but we do like a challenge and a bit of a mystery. Learn how to stop being her friend and start being her boyfriend by clicking here.

Friday, June 11, 2010

What Not to Say on Your Online Dating Profile

We women speak often about online dating and the crazy profiles we read. We go on and on about it. Below are some of our top 10 complaints and turn offs. Please take these into consideration when composing your profile.

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1. Pictures of you in front of your bathroom mirror with your shirt off. Who loves you baby? You do. That's all fine a well, but really, leave it for our imagination.

2. Your sexual preferences of alluding to how skilled you are. So how many partners did you have to go through to obtain this skill really? Eighty million? We don't want a man slut, I promise.

3. Your boat, fast car, motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters and other toys. We are not dating you for your toys and do your really want us to? Wouldn't you rather us be interested in you. These things are not impressive and very superficial.

4. Your past experiences or your exes or how you have been done wrong by the women before us. Are you going to cry on our first date?

5. Bad spelling and grammar. We would like to think you have a little intelligence. There are a lot of browsers out there with built in spell check. Firefox is one of them, it's free, use it.

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6. So you are looking for a good, honest, loyal, loving woman. Really? We thought you wanted a stupid, rude, lying, frigid woman. This is a no brainer guys, you don't need to put it in your online dating profile.

7. You are a good, honest, loyal, loving man. Really again? We were hoping for a rude, stupid, lying cold hearted man. This too is a no brainer.

8. So you have this long list of must haves huh? Go to Russia and pick up your mail order bride.

9. Sleeping, kissing, hugging your pets. We really do try to avoid lying down with the dogs.

10. So you don't do games or drama? What a let down. We were so hoping you would string us along and mess with our heads.

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Yes that is a bit sarcastic, but please pay attention. We are on the dating site to seriously meet and get to know you, so please be real. Make us smile and laugh with you, not at you, so please pay attention to what not to put on your online dating profile. The women speak. We want you to listen.

The profile is just the beginning. There is the first email, phone call and date. Women speak about that also. There are a lot of discouraged good, attractive women out there just wanting you to get it right. Please take the time to increase the success of your online dating. We really want you to.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Texting Blunders that Kill the Attraction

I know a woman who is queen of sorry's; constantly apologizing for who she is, sweet sweet woman though. You cannot do this in life, and especially not in texting. I am not talking about being late and not apologizing for it. I am talking about the incessant use of sorrys to be accepted by others. This is just ugly in text and makes you look very weak. What if instead of saying sorry you actually said, "I am pathetic, please like me" or "please accept me, I am your personal slave."

Would this kind of person seem attractive to you? Would you want to be friends or lovers with this person? 90% of the time, when you use "Sorry" it is inappropriate. So stop it!!

The "just kidding or also known as jk, is just as pathetic.This is something that took me forever to learn, simply because I was so afraid of losing someone's approval. Think about how many times you have said something funny, slightly rude, to be playful but pulled it back. You know what you said... the horribly weak comment, "just kidding." It is soft weak and slightly repulsive. Why do you say this?? Why is nearly everything you write

tempered with weak comments like "just kidding" or "sorry about that?" Just cut to the chase and say, "I am really weak and I need to be approved of, so every time we interact I am going to apologize for my existence."


Jen: Hey, I just got my schedule I am free Friday and Monday

Mike: You want to go out Friday?? Don't you have a date that night?

Jen: Yeah... with you! Where are you going to take me?

Mike: Take you??? You asked Meee! I think you should be taking me out to dinner!

Jen: I only buy dinner for cute guys, not rude ones! JK

Did you catch that? That little JK at the end of the text? This is like a dingy towed behind a yacht. Jen was doing so well too! It is as if she was pumping up the tire of interest and pow, she let all the air out with the pin of JK. These are softeners that communicate you are playing. JK and Sorry communicates that you are weak and unsure of yourself. The last thing you want to do in text or in person.

Now the lol. Word of caution, don't overuse lol and =). If you do they lose their effectiveness. There is a guy on Facebook that puts this after every comment. It becomes like an obnoxious giggle after a while; no substance, just space filler. It is almost as obnoxious as me using exclamation points all the time! OR TYPING IN CAPS ALL THE TIME.

When texting girls, remember it is not about getting her to like you, it's more about challenging her. If you can challenge her, you will have her undivided attention.

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Texting is the number one tool in the dating world now, that can't be denied. Even baby boomers use it. There are many skills you can develop with this tool that can charge your dating life up to exciting levels.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Top Texting Tips for Texting Girls

One of the best things about texting a girl is that you have time to craft what you are going to say. Put extra time in here and think about what it is that you want to say. Don't just shoot off some senseless text like "Good Morning". Take an extra minute and plan what kind of response you want to get and pose your words accordingly.

Texting is a conversation in slow motion. This is the best way to handle it. In other words, don't be sitting there ready to fire off a response immediately after receiving a text. Texting back immediately is a huge texting no no. It conveys need and to be needy is the biggest dating buzz kill. It makes you think seriously does he have his phone clued on, I mean really, is he even taking it into the bathroom. Does he not have a life? Does he hang on my every word. So not attractive.

Another big texting tip for dating is if you don't get a reply to a text you sent, don't send another one. This shows desperation. If I don't reply usually I am busy. I will reply later, sometimes a day later. This builds the attraction actually. Silence is very powerful. The imagination will generate many scenarios as to what the other person is doing during this silence. Then when the reply does come, she is relieved and adrenaline is released. A bit of an emotional roller coaster ride you take her on.

Think long term satisfaction, not instant gratification. Texting is a way to keep some one at a distance. Keep a person at a distance long enough and human nature takes over. The person being kept at a distance now wants to move closer. When texting a girl, remember anticipation is the key. Make sure you build on this anticipation and you will can build a deep attraction when texting girls.

I have a few guys in my phone. Most girls do. Out of all the guys that I have had in my phone, I can honestly say that very few of them had mastered this skill. The ones that had got my attention. This is universally true with women. With such an important part in our dating skills, shouldn't you learn to utilize text messaging to the max?

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