Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Keep Her Interested

So she is interested, you have been on a few dates and you like her. What is it that keeps a woman interested and keeps her out of the friend zone. Nothing worse than going on several dates, and you sense her back peddling. You are about to hear those words, "can we be just friends".

If you want to keep her interested, don't be over anxious. Keep a little distance in the beginning. Women like consistent contact, but don't go over board. A phone call once a day or every couple days is good. Toss in a text every now and then. If she texts you, don't be so eager to respond. You set the pace by the way you initiate and respond to contact. You stay in control here, women love men in control.

If you are really liking her and you feel the urge to tell her, hold up. Don't spill the beans so fast. Let her wonder how much you like her. If you just told a girl you really like her and she doesn't respond or drift out to space, slow down boy. She ain't there yet and she won't get there if you start gushing. Instead of spilling, give her a well thought out compliment. One compliment every now and then is enough. Women crave validation, but they also like a challenge. Keep the compliments well spaced, it adds allure. Allure will keep her interested.

If you want to keep her interested, treat her good when you are with her. Quality women will walk in a skinny minute when treated in a mediocre manner. Little things go a long way. If her beer is empty, by all means, order another, don't make her ask. Pour her wine for her. Take care of her so to speak. It lets her know you are paying attention and that is just hot to a woman. Again though, don't over do it.

Less is more. Moving too fast and giving too much too soon takes all the mystery away. Women are into a mysterious man. They find him hard to resist.

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5 Mistakes Men Make Dating

Ever meet a girl, get that first date only to hear shortly after the words "I just want to be friends"? What happened? Why did the attraction just fizzle? Could you have unknowingly made one of the huge dating mistakes men make.

1. Do you listen to her and ask questions about her or are you talking more about yourself trying to impress her? When the date is over, does she know your life history, all about your job and you can't really recall much about her at all? Show sincere interest in her. Being self absorbed is a big mistake men make dating.

2. Please please please don't talk about your ex wife or girlfriend. Nothing waves a flag like this one. We assume you aren't over her, or worse if you are woe is me about the issue, we won't see you as emotionally strong at all. We like strong men, emotionally more than physically.

3. Don't ask us to plan the date. We really want you to take charge, show some confidence. We don't know your budget or your expectations. If you want to present a couple of choices that's fine, but don't depend on us to plan the date.

4. Not pay for the date, especially the first one. That is an immediate ticket to the friend zone. Friends go dutch, dates don't, at least not in the beginning. We feel special when you want to pay.

5. Ignore personal hygiene and put no effort into what you wear. It happens, a guy shows up on the first date in a t-shirt and cap, with dirty sneakers. Suit and tie are not required, but a shirt with a collar is nice, no cap and decent shoes. Women really do notice shoes, trust me on this one.

Note: All of the above does not apply to low quality women who will settle for just a hook up. The above advice is applicable only if you are in search of a smart, attractive, quality woman.

The little mistakes men make dating can pop you into that friend zone in a heartbeat. Quality women can be picky. They have a broader selection of men at their fingertips. Learn to stand out.

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How to Text a Girl and Get Her Into You

If you start out with the marathon texting, you are shooting yourself in the foot in more ways than one. You want to be mysterious and not so very predictable. Predictable is boring. Marathon texting can get annoying and also boring. Save something for a real conversation.

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The first way you kill the attraction with the marathon texting sessions is this tells her you are very into her, it gives her the controls. Girls really don't want to be that much in control, they want to be led. Marathon texting also may lead her to believe you don't have much of a life if you can text for hours. No life a boring boy makes. Humor and Originality also go a long way in the techniques of how to text a girl.

Second way and it is important from a woman's perspective so I have to mention it. When you start out with a set pattern such as you always text "Good Morning" or "Good Night", or you have the "Marathon Texting" sessions, you really just screwed yourself. Now she expects it and it you miss one time, or start decreasing this behavior, don't be alarmed or act surprised if she goes a little crazy. In other words, don't set yourself up for failure for later on. If you are going to marathon text, only do it occasionally. She will appreciate it much more and sort of leaves her wishing it would happen again. Timing is a key element in knowing how to text a girl.

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So if you want to text a girl to keep her into you, let her wonder a little. Let her not ever really know when you are going to text her. This really heightens the attraction. You are there, but she can't quite pin you down. If she is not returning your texts consistently, stop for a few days, this gets her attention. All of a sudden it's like "Where did he go, he was so into me." This is an effective technique in understanding how to text a girl.

True story, the names of course are changed. Mike and Denise had been on a few dates over a months time. Mike would send the "Good Morning" texts every day. Denise sometimes replied, sometimes not. He would texted her things about his day or ask about hers. Denise did not show much enthusiasm. Mike was getting discouraged. She still hung out with him, but she never initiated a text and often didn't reply. Mike stopped for two days, did not contact her at all. Surprise suprise! Denise noticed. All of a sudden, Mike was more interesting. It could be a bit of that "wanting what you can't have".

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Less is more is a good rule to go by. Text a girl you like more like she was a girl you don't really like, especially in the beginning. Keeping her guessing is sort of lke teasing her. Girls as far back as gradeschool love to be teased.

Do you realize how powerful of a tool texting messaging can be when it comes to getting the girl? It can make or break a girl's attraction. You could be killing or intensifying your dating experiences. You can be like the majority of the clueless guys out there or you can stand out by learning some effective texting techniques.

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