Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why You Should Not Text a Girl All Day Long

When you are constantly texting a girl you become predictatable. She starts to expect it. You also run the risk of seeming too available or needy. You may also be sending the signal of how into her you really are and this is not always a good thing. Mystery and intrigue are what builds attraction, not being predictable.

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You know how it seems the one you don't like so much always seems to pay you more attention. Could this be because you come across to her as more of a challenge. This is why when texting a girl you like, it's best to treat her like a girl you don't really like, especially in the beginning. Be a challenge, not so available.

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The main reason though not to text a girl you like constantly is you want to leave her wanting more. If you are in constant contact, it does not give attraction a chance to build. Anticipation is a big part of attraction. If you are less predictable, say texting less, and at different times, she will be left wondering. A woman's imagination is a powerful tool to use to your advantage.

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When texing girls, keep them guessing. This conveys mystery and allure. What girl does not like an alluring mysterious guy? None! Besides constant texting gets boring. It also shows you don't have much of a life. A guy with a full life is attractive. A guy who does not need the constant validation he gets form all that texting is just sexy.

Friday, July 16, 2010

How to Be a Ladie's Man

When you have the ability to approach a woman and start a conversation with her, you IMMEDIATELY begin meeting more women every weekend that most men will meet in SIX MONTHS. What exactly is this ability and how do you get it. Can it be learned? Absolutely! You can be a ladies man in no time.

Men often make the mistake of trying to get a woman interested in all the wrong ways. They try to be nice, sometimes too nice. I have a guy friend, (I am a woman by the way). He is attractive, and just super nice. I can talk to him for hours and he is a great friend. Now why would I not want to date him? Its not like he didn't try. I did not feel the attraction and let me tell you, he is attractive. He is just too nice. Now don't get me wrong, we don't want to be treated badly, but the things he does in the beginning of trying to get a date just send out all the wrong signals. He used his tactics on me and got nowhere but friendship, now I watch as he repeats these things over and over and just can't seem to get to a date, let alone a relationship. He thinks he is a ladies man, but he is not, he is a ladies best friend.

He will buy a girl drinks, start up a conversation and just straight out start trying to convince the ladies of what a great guy he is and he is a great guy. A woman can think you are a great guy, but that is not going to get you far. We like a man who can get our attention and keep it. The men that stand out are the ones that have an air of confidence, are witty and tease us a bit. They don't try to convince us how great we are. They flirt in a way that challenges us to flirt back. They are natural at being a ladies man.

Being "nice" and "accommodating" and "understanding" is great for friendships and social relationships, but it's HORRIBLE for ATTRACTION. An interesting, attractive woman doesn't want a guy that she can push around. She doesn't want a guy who does what she wants him to do. She doesn't want a little boy that she can train and raise. I am assuming you want an interesting woman and not a damsel in distress, needy type woman that will try to change you.

Isn't it time to take control of your life and become a ladie's man that few women will ever reject? Don't you owe it to yourself to learn how to lay the groundwork for natural conversation, killing any "awkward" moments? There are men out there that are meeting great women and having a large time doing it. They understand what gets a woman attracted and keeps her attracted. If you could learn these skills and they are very simple, why would you not. Don't you want and deserve great women in your life?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Texting a Girl to Push Her Buttons

Ever heard the saying men fall in love with their eyes, women fall in love with their ears? In other words, women really do hang on your words. This fact alone makes texting a huge tool in attracting a girl. If done well, you get her attention, if not, well you can blow it fast.

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The goal when texting a girl is to get your texts to become an emotional trigger or anchor. When she sees it's you, you want her heart to race long before she opens your message. If you can text a girl and accomplish this, you got it made.

The way to do this is create positive feelings for a girl when you text her. This is done by being funny, witty and making her feel special. The typical text messages just don't do it. Texting about how her day is or just to say hello is dull and boring and will not set a positive trigger in her mind. There is way more to texting a girl than what you may realize. Just sending a text does not always spark her interest, you need to send a good text.

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The more attractive the girl the harder this is going to be. An attractive girl has more guys competing for her attention. She can afford to be selective. The dull and boring get weeded out quick. Trust me, I am a girl, I get lots of text messages. Some just make me want to roll my eyes and I don't even answer, if I do, my heart is not in it. It's the guy that makes me laugh that I will put some thought into my reply. When texting a girl, take the time to do it right, otherwise you are just wasting your efforts.

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Learn what messages send her through the roof and which ones bore her to tears. While she is texting you, she may very well be texting some other guy that is far more skilled than you. Don't take it for granted that you know what you are doing, because about 95% don't. Click Here to get over 101 proven flirty text messages

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Attraction and Women

How does attraction work with women? What causes a woman to feel a strong attraction for a man? Women do two things with men who are interested in them. They either make excuses not to see the man which means they are not attracted, or they hang on his every word and anticipate the next meeting with great excitement. What is it about one man that can attract this woman and another man that repels this woman.

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I am going to share a personal story about attraction. I am an attractive women that gets more than my share of attention. Attracting men is the easy part, feeling the attraction in return, not so easy. The fact is, I feel it for very few men, so what did one man do to build up this attraction that drives me crazy. A man nothing like what I would give a second thought. I like taller men, he is not tall, I like bigger men, I think he may weigh less than me. I like men who are cocky, this man is calm and quiet. So what did he do to get me to this point of constantly thinking about him?

He appealed to my emotional side. He is long distance, we could not meet for a long time, so it was emails and text messages that kept us connected. If I did not know better I would think this man had read every book I endorse on text messaging the opposite sex. He would push my emotional buttons with a little humor and a lot of mystery. The more mysterious he was the more I was dying to meet him. Never once was there a dull or lame message which resulted in my heart soaring every time I opened my phone or inbox. I was already long gone and we had not even met yet.

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Fast forward, we met. He had built the attraction so strong with his words by this time, he could have been a troll and I would not have cared. I was smitten. The rest is history to be written. So if you think nice guys finish last, and you have to be some hunk to attract a great woman, think again. Attraction for women is not visual, it's emotional. Learn how to do this and you too can attract women and double your dating. Click Here To Access the Dating Secrets Community

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Nice Guy

On a ladies forum, there is a discussion about nice guys and what advice we women would give them. Wanted to share a few of the posts here. We really do like nice guys.

A woman who is secure within herself and truthful to herself, does not respect a man who says YES to everything, as that reflects lack of personality . A real man has feelings, thoughts and principles of his own and should not ignore his real self

You're a nice guy, you're not gonna give off that 'I'm only interested in sex'-vibe anyway. But a girl's looking for a lover, not a male friend. You do need to create physical attraction and convince her that there's sexual compatability. Without some sexual tension during the date, a girl might have a nice dinner with you, but she won't consider taking you as her mate. Good flirting includes some subtle naughty humor.

Many nice guys think when it comes to women, they have the short straw. They see tons of confident, cocky males getting the woman. However, the truth is - nice guys have the winning edge. Most women will give nice guys a chance, precisely because they display more respect to a woman, they're better mannered and they have values that are so appealing to a woman.

Where the nice guys fall down however is in lack of confidence and poor self esteem.

My advice to a nice guy is to feel the fear and do it anyway. Don't be shy to make the first move. If you're interested in a woman, well please show it. Chances are you'll get success.

And if a woman does happen to reject you, please don't take it personally, and allow that one rejection to cause you to head back into your shell.

We LIKE nice guys!