Thursday, November 19, 2009

Texting A Girl. Build the Attraction

So what are the best ways to text a girl? You want to get her interested and hopefully keep her interested. The best way to do this is through humor with a little suspense. Stay away from boring and the same old same old. Girls get the "good morning" text all the time. Nothing creative in that. You could have that stored and just pull it up and hit send. No effort there and we know it. Same thing with the beautiful, sexy and gorgeous names you use. Be different when texting girls, all guys send these.

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If you have to call her a name think of something cute and funny. I had a guy that always joked about how smart he was. Well he would call me grasshopper. You know, the one that learns from the teacher. Grasshopper made me smile way more than sexy or beautiful ever would. It showed me he was paying attention to the conversations we had. In texting a girl, be creative and use your sense of humor.

Don't over text girls either. It gets annoying especially when you are saying nothing really. Don't make dates over a text message or have any discussions. When you are texting to a girl mostly use this communication as a way to make her smile. It's like an anchor to her. Then every time she sees it's you texting she will associate that with a warm fuzzy feeling. The warm fuzzy feeling equals you in her mind. Keep the more serious things or talks to a phone call. When texting girls, keep it light and breezy.

Flirt, flirt, flirt when you are texting a girl. Banter and pick a bit. Be a bit elusive. Instead of saying you wish she was here, say I wish I was on your balcony drinking a beer. This will always make her think in her mind, what about me. The result you are going to get a response and she opens the door for more flirting. Flirting and texting girls goes hand in hand

Texting with a girl is great for you guys. We know you really don't like to talk on the phone and it also decreases your chances of rejection. When you are texting girls remember we are emotional creatures and not so visually stimulated like you are. We often hang on your words and you often make our day with a few well thought out sentences. Make us smile, keep the mushy stuff out and be a bit mysterious and elusive. When you think about what you are going to text a girl, always think fun.

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Women place a huge importance on phone calls and texting from men. You would not believe how we stress over this. It is a huge tool and if used properly can literally transform your dating life and relationships. You can build a huge attraction and keep it by learning how to use the phone to your advantage.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Review on Blue Truth

Blue Truth is a spiritual guide to love and sex, life and death. There are so many books out there that tell you tactics and claim to teach you secrets about the opposite sex. They are written by supposed dating gurus and while can and do work, they do not get to the heart of the matter.

David Deida goes very deep into the dynamics of the femine and masculine roles. He shares thoughts and ideas and goes deep into the heart of a woman. He explains clearly what it takes for a woman to truly open to you in a powerful way.

His book is only for the serious. If it is countless women you desire this book is not for you. If it is true and deep love you are after, this book is a must read. It can literally transform your life.

Blue Truth

The Way of the Superior Man

Friday, November 13, 2009

Writing Online Dating Emails

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So you are on an online dating site. You want to send that first email but what do you say? You would like as many replies as possible. So many times you get no response and it gets discouraging. Do you realize that so many men send the same old emails and we women just roll our eyes. There is the "hello sexy" the "hello beautiful" and so forth and so on. We really want to see something original.

Now we know that you are testing the waters to check our level of interest with these meaningless emails but really think about it. What do you have to loose, it's not like you have to see these women if they ignore you. Take a chance, write a few sentences. Pick up something in her profile and take a humerous side to it. The chances of you getting a reply are greater if we feel like you really payed attention.

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Talk just like you would in person having a conversation, no slang or text launguage like ttyl, u, r, you know the abbreviations you use when you text. Check your grammar and your spelling. Poor spelling and bad grammar are a huge turnoff. If you can't put a simple sentence together we are going to question your mind. First impressions are very important.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Online Dating Advice for Men

Dating sites are becoming more and more popular. When you join an online dating site for men your chances for meeting more women increases dramatically. Its like shopping. You put in your criteria and ta da, pages of women to choose from appear. So why do you still get refected? What are you doing wrong? There is so much to consider. There is the profile, the pictures and those first emails. What can you do to stand out in the online dating world?

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The first impression is your picture. Make sure it is a close up and it is clear. If you choose to add other pictures to your profile, consider adding ones where you are actively doing what you enjoy. No pictures of pets, landscape scenes or other women, regardless of who they are. Women are turned off by pictures of you with other women. One of the best tips for internet dating for men is have a picture. A close up and one full body is prefered.

Then the important thing, your profile. It would not hurt to do a reverse search and view other profiles of men. By seeing profiles of other men you can get a good idea how to stand out above the others. 98% of male profiles start out with something like how honest, loving, sincere, hardworking and so on and so forth a man is. As opposed to what? Dishonest, hateful, deceitful and lazy? These qualities do not need to be pointed out. Your personality should shine in your online profile. She should be motivated by your words to learn more about you.

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That first email is crucial. I am a woman active on a dating site and I can't tell you how many times I roll my eyes. The majority of the men either send something lame like "Ya wanna chat", or "How are you", and I have even got just a lame "hi". This does nothing for me or any other woman for that matter. Then there are the men that enter our inboxes trying to sell themselves. Please spare us, we are not buying a car. We are looking for creative interesting men. Are you out there? A male online profile should pique our interest, not bore us to tears.

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