Monday, February 22, 2010

Dating Profile Tips for Men

First of the dating profile tips for men would be no negatives. We don't want to hear about how bad you were treated by the women before us. This tells us you have some serious baggage and chances are good you are not over the "ex" yet. We assume you don't want to play games, so why put that in your profile? That really is a no brainer. Seriously have you ever seen an online dating profile that said, "I love to play games"?

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Second of the dating profile tips for men would be cut all the crap about how honest, warm, loving sincere, loyal and wonderful you are. Honestly almost every profile says this and it gets quite mundane. We have read that so much that we just skip over the part hoping that somewhere in the next paragraph you will have say something interesting.

Third of the dating profile tips for men would be leave out your cars, boats, motorcycles and airplanes. Materialistic are you? Such a turn off. Who cares? If women are responding to you because of your worldly possessions, really is that what you want? Also, please leave your shirt on, leave something for our imagination, we are not the visually stimulated creatures that you are. We connect on an emotional level.

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So what's left, we don't want your baggage, we don't want your wonderful qualities nor your material possissions, so what do we want. We want humor, and interesting. We don't mind knowing your taste in music and maybe what you like to do for fun. We want to know are you stable or maybe a bit on the wild side. What we want is a glimpse of your personality. Not some superficial words.

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Women are now approaching men more and more on dating sites making that first move. The picture helps, but when it comes to online dating, it's the profile we pay attention to. I might be doing a search and run across a divine hunk, but if his profile is lame, well I go next. Your profile is your first impression, don't blow it.

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Writing a good online profile is only the begining of the online dating game. Next is the email correspondence and how to actually get a date. It is not as simple as you would imagine, lots of rejection goes on with these online dating sites. Learn to get rejected more and get more dates.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Facebook Flirting

It seems that facebook is a more practical place to meet singles as opposed to some of the free and paid dating sites. Instead of some fabricated profile that may or may not be true, you have the real personality to view in day to day interaction. You also have references in the form of facebook friends. What dating site has this? So how do you turn facebook into your own personal dating site? It starts with broadening your friends network and a little facebook flirting.

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You have to remember, friends have friends who have friends that have other single friends, brothers and sisters. The broader your network, the greater your chances are of finding romance. The broader your network the more opportunities you will have for flirting on facebook.

To flirt on facebook, you pay attention to the posters and commentors. It may not be the poster that gets your attention, but someone commenting. Toss in your own comment. Make it funny, witty and humorous to get the attention. The more you interact with friends and friends of friends, the bigger your playground for facebook flirting will become. The friend request will come. It does not hurt to make a few friend requests of your own either. What do you have to lose?

This process may not go along as rapidly as it could on a real on line dating site, as it will take much longer. Think of it this way. The wait creates anticipation and the anticipation creates a stronger attraction and bond. Flirting on facebook may not bring instant gratification, but it certainly increases your chances for long term satisfation.

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If you can send a flirty text message, you can surely practice some facebook flirting. If you are not skilled at sexting or sending flirty text messages, there are tons of resources out there to fine tune your skills, take advantage of them. Facebook flirting is fun!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do Women Play Hard to Get?

The fact of the matter is, yes a lot of girls play hard to get. With all of the relationship material out there available at the click of the mouse, more and more girls are learning this technique of "playing hard to get". It's really not a bad thing, it is usually the quality girls that do this. They are looking for a quality guy.

In a girl's mind, if a guy will make a little extra effort to get past her little game, then he may be worth it or a good guy. That really is how we see it. It's not that we want to play these games, we just want a guy who is willing to put in a little extra work to get us. That way we know he really is interested and not just some guy out for one night or something casual.

We want to feel important and special, we are women, it's natural. We don't want to do all the leading, we want the man to lead. When we are not playing a bit hard to get, we are usually doing the calling, initiating and it just does not feel right. We want to be chased.

It gets rather complicated though. The relationship gurus give out the same advice to guys that they do girls. How can we ever meet in the middle. How do you know she is playing hard to get or if she is not that into you?

A girl playing hard to get will not accept a last minute date. She will not answer the phone after a certain hour, say 10 p.m. She will not call or text you first. She is setting her boundaries in the beginning and seriously wouldn't you rather have a girl with boundaries?

If you call in ample time and she accepts or she picks up the phone when you call at a decent hour, chances are good, she is interested, but just wants you to come and get her. It's every woman's fantasy you know. So yes, smart women do play hard to get. The more desperate ones usually don't. Which one do you want?

What do girls/women really want? Do nice guys finish last? What is it that gets them attracted? How do you keep that attraction going?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Asking a Girl Out

This topic was recently addressed in a group on facebook. It consisted of women advising men on how to ask a girl out and what does and does not impress here. The posts are as follows.

Natasha: Girls, I am starting to write manual for boys for how to get a date with a real girl. I posted on my personal page and got gret advice, so I thought I could post here to get more input.

In fact, I think we should all write it together and post it here and on Robin's group "What the hell women want"

Few simple rules to start with:
1. If you want to get her phone number, ask for it. Be brave and say the words: " May I ( Can I) have your phone number please?" Be sincere and only ask if you intend on calling. Don't wait for her to offer her number and if she doesn't, feel rejected. Remember, you haven't asked.

Caroline: When you get her number call her, don't wait days and weeks. If she gave it to you, she is interested, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Natasha: Yes, the key is act like a man, not project your insecurities to her.
Ask for the number like you mean it and mean it. Call without waiting and be open and playful. Keep it light and don't jump into sexual innuendos the first time you are talking to a girl, unless she is paid to do that.

Caroline: There are 900 numbers for that, and websites.

Next just ask her out, just do it. A real date, not ya wanna come over and hang out. That is if you want a real girl. A quality girl and we are assuming that you do know the difference

Natasha: Make sure you are giving her few days advance and choice of time and place. Don't just say you will take her anywhere she wants. Have a plan A and B and tell her what you have in mind. Try to find out while talking, what her preferences are, but if you don't know, just be neutral. Don't offer to take her to places where you hang out with your guys. You want this time to be just for the two of you.

Caroline: We hate the what do you want to do, I dunno, what do you want to do. Just do it. One of the best dates I had in a while we went to the state fair, it was a blast. Something that requires interaction, it helps build attraction, NO MOVIES PLEASE!

Natasha: Mind your manners. You don't have to be stiff, but be respectful. Don't try to fill her out, squeeze a kiss and look in her blouse. Light touching is OK. Think how you would want a guy to act if he was on a date with your sister.

Caroline: Look in her eyes not at her breasts, please. Touch her hair once, lightly is ok.

Natasha: About 90 % of the girls are NOT interested in your truck, bike, boat.
Instead, wear nice shoes and socks. That impresses girls more on a first date.

Susie: "Yes" re the shoes... very important!

Caroline: I could care less what he drives, the fact that he will come to my door and actually pick me up, open the door for me is far more important.

Natasha: If you are picking her up (some girls will not be comfortable on a first date to show you where they live), make sure your car is not full of junk on the front seat. It maybe a good idea to clear the front seat just in case you end up driving together somewhere after you meet.

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This discussion is still going and will be updated at a later date.

There is a group just started on facebook called "What the hell do women want" Feel free to check it out and join.

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