Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Text Her In The Mood

It's a common complaint from men.  Their wives or girlfriends aren't in the mood for sex.  While it's true that the stresses of life get in the way, not all is lost.  I am sure you know that sex for a woman is in her mind to a degree, yet it's her mind that keeps her out of the mood.

In other words you walking up behind her groping on her while she is in the kitchen will not get her aroused.  To get a woman aroused you have to get her out of her mind or the negative state she is in.  Once you get her out of her mind, you get in her mind and she gets into her physical body which is the body that wants sex.

So how do you do this and get her in the mood?  Being a woman I can tell you if I feel pressured to have sex, I won't enjoy it.  If I have sex because a man makes me feel guilty that I am not meeting his needs, it will cause resentment to build.  I will stop enjoying sex because it feels like an obligation.  This is what causes many women to stay out of the mood.  The stress of the pressure from their partners.  They associate sex with feelings of inadequacy. 

If you want to get her in the mood, you must take this pressure off.  To connect in the bedroom she must connect with you out of the bedroom.  She can't just turn the switch to turned on quite like you can. Hold her hand when you go anywhere together.  Touch her without being sexual.  Women love nice words, give her a few compliments.  Do this at random and you will see a slow change. These are just little things you can do to get her in the mood.

The creative thing that you may not even ever think about is to get the romance going during the day through text messages.  If you are like most couples you text things like what's for dinner, will you pick up some mild and so forth and so on.  Women are moved by words, so text her something that will get her attention, and no not a picture of your penis.  Tell her something like you can't stop thinking about how she looked this morning in her nightie or about the way she smells.  Be a bit risque.  Catch her off guard and you will get her out of her own head.

Text back the romance is a great way to get her in the mood Use it to build up anticipation and watch the different woman you come home to.  Texting can act as a trigger to get her out of her head and distract her and catch her off guard.