Monday, August 22, 2011

How To Get a Second Date With Her

The first few dates are when you lay the ground work for her attraction to build.  You landed a first date, now can you land a second date.  If you aren't sure if the first date got her attention, be very careful in how you go about getting the second date.  You don't want to overwhelm her, you don't want to be needy or desperate.  You want to come off as confident.  It's always the gentleman thing to do to thank her for the first date.  A text, a quick phone call will do.  Don't make the second date yet though.

I know you may think this is playing games, but really how women form attraction is important here.  She won't be attracted to a man who is too eager.  That is why it's best to wait a few days before asking her out for a second date.  Give her time to wonder if in fact you were or were not into her.  Then when you contact her for that second date she feels relief because you just might be into her after all.  This plants a seed for attraction to grow.  Women love a confident man and by waiting you show her you are confident that yes she does want to see you again.  You are confident, yet not clingy or coming across as needy.

Have a plan when you do ask her out for a second date.  Hopefully you paid attention on the first date and have an idea of what she would like to do.  Don't ask her to pick the place, you pick the place.  Interactive dates are best at building attraction.  No movie date please.  Bowling, a picnic, a walk, anything but a movie.  Have the plan already, a woman likes a man who can take charge.  Just purrrr at that one.

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Don't call her every night after the first date either.  Less is more, always.  Calling her every night lets her know that you have already made up your mind about her.  What are you, easy?  No I think not.  A woman will think about you when she isn't in as much contact.  If she is liking you, pacing her will only make her attraction grow.  If you want that second date, now is the time to play it cool. 

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flakey Women

I hear it all the time.  Women are flakes.  I hear it more from good guys than I do the bad boy types.  This is interesting to me and I can only speculate why that is.  I think the bad boys have a sense of abundancy more than a good guy.  A good guy thinks good women are hard to find.  Good being the key work that I will touch on in a moment.  A bad boy just moves on from the flake and doesn't really give it much thought.  A good guy keeps trying.

What I mean here is this and I have seen it a lot.  A guy goes on a date with a woman.  He asks her out again soon and she says, sure, call me next week and we will set something up.  So he calls.  She tells him she has this and that going on this weekend, maybe next weekend.  They eventually may make a date and she breaks it.  In other words she won't lock down plans with you.  You keep giving her the benefit of the doubt, after all we are busy humans these days.  Yet a month goes by and all you have had is one date a lot of promises. This is more than likely a flake.  Your first clue should have been when she wouldn't pin down a date right away and put you off.  She isn't that into you.  A woman into you would have encouraged you and set the date and actually shown up.

I will tell a man just like I tell a woman about men that disappear.  Forget her.  She isn't ready for a relationship or she just isn't into you.  Move on to a woman that is.  There are good women out there that are not flakes.  Women that are looking for someone like you.  You can't find these women as long as you keep wasting your time on flakes.

I know so many men who will meet a woman and close all options just in hopes that it might work out.  They invest time into making it work while she isn't investing the same effort.  Time goes by and they hear "lets be friends".  Sigh....When a woman says she just wants to be friends, she is not attracted to you.  It's that simple.

If you find yourself complaining about all these flakey women, I suggest you stop accepting these women into your life.  It's just as much your fault for not being able to recognize a flake and just as much your fault if you try to spend time with a woman who is not ready for a relationship if a relationship is what you want.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Why She Is Never In The Mood

Michael Fiore says it all in this video about how to turn even the coldest woman to Hot!  Michael was on the Rachael Raye show amazing audiences.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Text Her In Love

Some think texting is for teenagers. They think it's silly and that it hinders real communication. While there may be some truth to this there are a few things you might want to think about before dismissing texting as a tool to enhance your relationship.

A few years ago I was in a relationship with a man that used texting a lot. I don't know if he just knew how to do it instinctively or if he had read one of the online texting guides but I do know this. His texts always made me smile. I had a ring tone assigned to this man. His texts were never mundane, always playful and he never texted me to death. The result. Every time I heard that ring tone, my heart would skip a few beats. I would get excited to hear from him. He was creating triggers and his texts helped me to fall in love with him.

He knowingly or unknowingly created a trigger with his texts. His texts would trigger a euphoric feeling in me. This trigger was so strong. Triggers can also change. He broke up with me. I was heart broke. Anytime after that if he called or texted and I heard that ring tone, it triggered deep sadness. I had to change his ring tone. Triggers can be powerful. They can cause us to feel deep strong emotions.

What are your texts triggering in your girl? Do you text mundane things like can you bring home the milk? Do you use your texts to say you are running late, or convey any other boring details. If so, you aren't texting love. Your texts are not positive triggers. If you can learn to text her things that give her warm fuzzy feelings, you can cement your emotional attraction further and deeper. Yes you can text her in love.

Triggers are powerful. Think about an addict. What is one of the first things an addict has to do to break free of an addiction. He has to remove the triggers. That cup of coffee that triggers the cigarette. Texting love is like creating an addiction with your triggers. She becomes addicted to you.

Stop using texts to your woman for anything other than texting love or fun loving things. Create that trigger in her with your texts and help her fall in love with you using these triggers as a tool. You can be playful, or sexual, and engage her imagination with text messages. Your texts become something that is just between you and her. It's those little things that add up and grow emotional attraction and yes text love!  Emotional attraction is what makes a woman fall in love.

I can also remember how it felt when I didn't get a text from a particular man. It didn't feel good. This only worked to heighten the effect of the trigger he created. I would feel relief when I did hear from him. Relief, another positive trigger was created. It's a bit like Pavlov's dog if you think about it. You can text her in love
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Text Her In Love

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