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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flakey Women

I hear it all the time.  Women are flakes.  I hear it more from good guys than I do the bad boy types.  This is interesting to me and I can only speculate why that is.  I think the bad boys have a sense of abundancy more than a good guy.  A good guy thinks good women are hard to find.  Good being the key work that I will touch on in a moment.  A bad boy just moves on from the flake and doesn't really give it much thought.  A good guy keeps trying.

What I mean here is this and I have seen it a lot.  A guy goes on a date with a woman.  He asks her out again soon and she says, sure, call me next week and we will set something up.  So he calls.  She tells him she has this and that going on this weekend, maybe next weekend.  They eventually may make a date and she breaks it.  In other words she won't lock down plans with you.  You keep giving her the benefit of the doubt, after all we are busy humans these days.  Yet a month goes by and all you have had is one date a lot of promises. This is more than likely a flake.  Your first clue should have been when she wouldn't pin down a date right away and put you off.  She isn't that into you.  A woman into you would have encouraged you and set the date and actually shown up.

I will tell a man just like I tell a woman about men that disappear.  Forget her.  She isn't ready for a relationship or she just isn't into you.  Move on to a woman that is.  There are good women out there that are not flakes.  Women that are looking for someone like you.  You can't find these women as long as you keep wasting your time on flakes.

I know so many men who will meet a woman and close all options just in hopes that it might work out.  They invest time into making it work while she isn't investing the same effort.  Time goes by and they hear "lets be friends".  Sigh....When a woman says she just wants to be friends, she is not attracted to you.  It's that simple.

If you find yourself complaining about all these flakey women, I suggest you stop accepting these women into your life.  It's just as much your fault for not being able to recognize a flake and just as much your fault if you try to spend time with a woman who is not ready for a relationship if a relationship is what you want.

If a relationship is really what you want, learn what attracts a woman.  
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