Thursday, June 17, 2010

Texting a Girl to Make Her Smile

Have you ever watched a girl texting? Do you watch her facial expressions and just know when it is a guy or not by the smile on her face? Some guys are really good at it, but most are really lame. I should know, I am a girl and I know hundreds of other girls. We share these messages with each other too. On public forums, via email while we work or while we are out with our girlfriends. Most of them we laugh at how lame they are, but every once in a while a guy gets it and we oh an ah over it.

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If you can consistently text a girl to make her smile, you are creating an anchor in her mind to an attraction for you. If you make this anchor solid, every time she sees your name or number on her little phone screen it triggers warm positive feelings about you. When you text a girl to make her smile, you are building and building the attraction, kind of like Pavlov's dog. She becomes conditioned to associate positive feelings towards you.

Don't fall into the trap of texting the same thing she hears from other guys over and over like "Good Morning Sexy or Beautiful". We get that all the time. Give her a pet name and use it. I have been called Scarlet as in O'hara and Goldilocks. Much more original than beautiful or sexy. When you text a girl to make her smile, be creative. Be cute and funny.

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Texting girls is powerful in dating and flirting. It can build or kill the attraction. What's so great about it is you can actually think about and plan your reply. You can go so far as to send a text to manipulate her reply if you get really good at it. It is an art and a skill. If it does not come natural to you, take the time to learn this skill. It could change your dating and relationships by drastic measure.

Stop being just an ordinary guy and learn to stand out above the others. Learn how to push her buttons through a few little words in a text message. Know exactly how to text a girl to make her smile.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Tired of Being the Friend?

I have lots of guy friends. Many of them have the same complaint. "I am sick of being told she just wants to be just friends". Recently I got a text from one of these friends. Frustrated would be putting it mildly. He texted me that he was getting t-shirts made that said "Lets just be friends". He is a great guy. If he hadn't become such a good "friend" to me, I would probably date him myself. The problem now is though, that's how I see him. Why?

Because he has always acted like a friend. He did not challenge me. He would just ask me to do things, totally skipped a lot of the pre-date foreplay. He is a nice guy. We women do want a nice guy, we really don't want jerks, well at least us sane ones don't, but we do like a challenge and a bit of a mystery. Learn how to stop being her friend and start being her boyfriend by clicking here.

Friday, June 11, 2010

What Not to Say on Your Online Dating Profile

We women speak often about online dating and the crazy profiles we read. We go on and on about it. Below are some of our top 10 complaints and turn offs. Please take these into consideration when composing your profile.

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1. Pictures of you in front of your bathroom mirror with your shirt off. Who loves you baby? You do. That's all fine a well, but really, leave it for our imagination.

2. Your sexual preferences of alluding to how skilled you are. So how many partners did you have to go through to obtain this skill really? Eighty million? We don't want a man slut, I promise.

3. Your boat, fast car, motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters and other toys. We are not dating you for your toys and do your really want us to? Wouldn't you rather us be interested in you. These things are not impressive and very superficial.

4. Your past experiences or your exes or how you have been done wrong by the women before us. Are you going to cry on our first date?

5. Bad spelling and grammar. We would like to think you have a little intelligence. There are a lot of browsers out there with built in spell check. Firefox is one of them, it's free, use it.

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6. So you are looking for a good, honest, loyal, loving woman. Really? We thought you wanted a stupid, rude, lying, frigid woman. This is a no brainer guys, you don't need to put it in your online dating profile.

7. You are a good, honest, loyal, loving man. Really again? We were hoping for a rude, stupid, lying cold hearted man. This too is a no brainer.

8. So you have this long list of must haves huh? Go to Russia and pick up your mail order bride.

9. Sleeping, kissing, hugging your pets. We really do try to avoid lying down with the dogs.

10. So you don't do games or drama? What a let down. We were so hoping you would string us along and mess with our heads.

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Yes that is a bit sarcastic, but please pay attention. We are on the dating site to seriously meet and get to know you, so please be real. Make us smile and laugh with you, not at you, so please pay attention to what not to put on your online dating profile. The women speak. We want you to listen.

The profile is just the beginning. There is the first email, phone call and date. Women speak about that also. There are a lot of discouraged good, attractive women out there just wanting you to get it right. Please take the time to increase the success of your online dating. We really want you to.

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