Monday, August 22, 2011

How To Get a Second Date With Her

The first few dates are when you lay the ground work for her attraction to build.  You landed a first date, now can you land a second date.  If you aren't sure if the first date got her attention, be very careful in how you go about getting the second date.  You don't want to overwhelm her, you don't want to be needy or desperate.  You want to come off as confident.  It's always the gentleman thing to do to thank her for the first date.  A text, a quick phone call will do.  Don't make the second date yet though.

I know you may think this is playing games, but really how women form attraction is important here.  She won't be attracted to a man who is too eager.  That is why it's best to wait a few days before asking her out for a second date.  Give her time to wonder if in fact you were or were not into her.  Then when you contact her for that second date she feels relief because you just might be into her after all.  This plants a seed for attraction to grow.  Women love a confident man and by waiting you show her you are confident that yes she does want to see you again.  You are confident, yet not clingy or coming across as needy.

Have a plan when you do ask her out for a second date.  Hopefully you paid attention on the first date and have an idea of what she would like to do.  Don't ask her to pick the place, you pick the place.  Interactive dates are best at building attraction.  No movie date please.  Bowling, a picnic, a walk, anything but a movie.  Have the plan already, a woman likes a man who can take charge.  Just purrrr at that one.

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Don't call her every night after the first date either.  Less is more, always.  Calling her every night lets her know that you have already made up your mind about her.  What are you, easy?  No I think not.  A woman will think about you when she isn't in as much contact.  If she is liking you, pacing her will only make her attraction grow.  If you want that second date, now is the time to play it cool. 

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