Monday, September 19, 2011

Calling Women

There was a discussion taking place on my wall on facebook.  It seems that more and more women are experiencing men giving them their phone numbers and asking the women to call them.  Do you guys not get it?  We don't really feel comfortable calling men.  It doesn't make us feel special at all.  If you can't make the effort to make us feel special with a phone call, then we aren't going to likely fall in love with you.  Not emotionally, relationship ready women that is.  If it's a hook up you are looking for, go ahead and try this, it may work.

As young girls when a guy we liked would call us we would call all our girlfriends and scream with delight.  Now that we are grown, sure we matured, but that girl is still in there wanting to scream with delight.  Don't deny her this thrill by expecting her to call you.  A friend on facebook put it in a remarkable way.  See Below:

Most men don't understand that a woman loves to feel cherished and adored by a man. When he takes the time to CALL HER, this very simple act begins the perpetual motion machine of love that so few men seem to know how to run. I just don't get it!! 

A lot of the dating gurus out there teach this giving of your number as a technique to make her feel comfort and to feel safe.  While I agree with a lot of these dating gurus and think they do in fact make a lot of sense, this one rule needs to go out the window in my opinion.  There are some women that just refuse to call a man.  It's nothing to do with playing hard to get.  It just does the opposite of making us comfortable when the time comes to pick up the phone.  We aren't comfortable with it.   We pick the phone up, we put it back down.  We wait, then try again later and it just sucks.  

Your role is the pursuer, you are the MAN, please don't screw it up.  I know the feminist movement and equal rights has you all a bit confused, but women want to feel like women.  When I am picking up the phone to call a man, I don't feel like a woman.  If I don't feel feminine or like a woman, my attraction is not going to go very far, on that you can bank.  When it comes to calling women, just do it!

So when it comes to calling women, please suck it up, get her number and call her.  If you want to wait the proverbial 3 days to not seem desperate, fine.  By all means though, step up into your masculine role.  I hear young boys bragging about how many girls they have texting and calling them.  Put your man briefs on and pick up the phone. 

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