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Monday, September 19, 2011

Calling Women

There was a discussion taking place on my wall on facebook.  It seems that more and more women are experiencing men giving them their phone numbers and asking the women to call them.  Do you guys not get it?  We don't really feel comfortable calling men.  It doesn't make us feel special at all.  If you can't make the effort to make us feel special with a phone call, then we aren't going to likely fall in love with you.  Not emotionally, relationship ready women that is.  If it's a hook up you are looking for, go ahead and try this, it may work.

As young girls when a guy we liked would call us we would call all our girlfriends and scream with delight.  Now that we are grown, sure we matured, but that girl is still in there wanting to scream with delight.  Don't deny her this thrill by expecting her to call you.  A friend on facebook put it in a remarkable way.  See Below:

Most men don't understand that a woman loves to feel cherished and adored by a man. When he takes the time to CALL HER, this very simple act begins the perpetual motion machine of love that so few men seem to know how to run. I just don't get it!! 

A lot of the dating gurus out there teach this giving of your number as a technique to make her feel comfort and to feel safe.  While I agree with a lot of these dating gurus and think they do in fact make a lot of sense, this one rule needs to go out the window in my opinion.  There are some women that just refuse to call a man.  It's nothing to do with playing hard to get.  It just does the opposite of making us comfortable when the time comes to pick up the phone.  We aren't comfortable with it.   We pick the phone up, we put it back down.  We wait, then try again later and it just sucks.  

Your role is the pursuer, you are the MAN, please don't screw it up.  I know the feminist movement and equal rights has you all a bit confused, but women want to feel like women.  When I am picking up the phone to call a man, I don't feel like a woman.  If I don't feel feminine or like a woman, my attraction is not going to go very far, on that you can bank.  When it comes to calling women, just do it!

So when it comes to calling women, please suck it up, get her number and call her.  If you want to wait the proverbial 3 days to not seem desperate, fine.  By all means though, step up into your masculine role.  I hear young boys bragging about how many girls they have texting and calling them.  Put your man briefs on and pick up the phone. 

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Texting a Woman - What You Don't Know Will Hurt You

Texting a woman is right at your fingertips and it's the most powrful dating tool you have.. If you are like 95% of the men out there, you are probably screwing it up. When it comes to impacting their dating lives, most men are clueless.

I am going to be blunt about this texting thing you men do. I am a moderator on a women's forum. Hundreds and hundreds of women from all over the world have the same view when it comes to men and their texting techniques, they are clueless. When one gets it right, we rant and rave. It may be months down the road and we are still carrying those great text messages around in our phones. We save them.

Men, when texting women are just doing lame communications at most. They aren't engaging the woman or her playful nature. If you are sending anything close to the following text messages, you may wish to carry on reading.

* Good Morning
* Good Morning Sexy
* Good Night
* How is your day
* Hope you are having a good day
* How are you today
* What are you doing
* How is such and such
* Don't work to hard
* I am doing such and such
* I had a good time last night
* Thinking of you

There is nothing in the above messages to engage a woman and build up her attraction. It's usesless ramblings.. Unless a woman is totally smitten with a guy, these messages will just make her eyes roll.

What you don't know is this. While you are sending her those lame messages, there could very well be a guy who is rocking her world with the right words and techniques. It's the guy of mystery, the one that engages our imagination that push our buttons. Some guys can literally leave us hanging on their words.

It's the guy that teases us, banters with us that we find thrilling. It's a simple thing to do, just pay attention and play off of her. Suzanne is a care free, no nonsense southern woman. Her date from the preceding night added one word to his "I had a nice time last night" and made all the difference in the world. He opened the text with Scarlett, as in O'hara. What woman would not want to be seen that way.

She replied calling him Rhett, as in Butler. The flirty play began. That guy knew how to interact with her and push her buttons. She also knew he had paid attention to her. That is hot, to have a man really pay attention. Talk about stroking a woman's ego.

So when texting a woman, leave the small talk conversations out of it. If you can't flirt and be mischievous and make her smile, put down the cell phone, otherwise you are just throwing cold water on top of the fire. You like to condition her to where when she sees it is you texting, she gets excited, and her heart skips a beat. You want to be the guy who she saves his messages.

It's not just the words you use, it really is the strategies as well. Learn how to get her excited about you with flirty text messages.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Calling and Texting Women You Like - This is Critical

When texting or calling a girl you like it's critical that you don't go over board and kill her attraction. Your instinct when you meet a girl that you really like is to reach out and touch her. You want to communicate with her because face it, it feels good. If you want to build attraction though and an emotional connection when texting a girl you like, it's very important that you go easy boy.

An example. Cindy met Don. They really hit if off. Don got Cindy's number and asked her out. They had the first date and there was some mutual chemistry, lots of it. Next morning Don sends Cindy a harmless text. "Good Morning Beautiful". Cindy thinks aw, how sweet. 5 minutes later, he texts her what a great time he had. She still thinks aw, how sweet.

The day goes on, Don sends more texts, tries to engage her in conversation. Wow, Cindy is now wondering if Don isn't maybe a little needy, maybe even desperate. That night he texts her "Good night Sweetie". Her attraction just dropped a few degrees. Women do like to be challenged. When you come running out of the gate full speed ahead, well you took away any challenge or intrigue she might have felt.

She stills gives him the benefit of the doubt and sees him again, but to her horror, the texts just keep getting closer and closer together. The funny sexy guy has turned annoying on her. When texting a girl you like, you want to be flirty, you want to be fun and you don't want to be annoying.

I know you want her to know you are interested and you think those texts are showing her you like her. The fact is all they are showing her is you don't have a life and you are boring. She starts to not answer all of Don's texts, then he starts questioning her. "Are you upset?" "Do you not want to talk to me today?" Texts that show him in a very unattractive not so confident light.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Cindy has the talk. She tells Don she just wants to be friends. She tells her girlfriends that if he would have just not texted her so much, maybe she would have given him a chance.

Had Don known some really good flirty techniques, this story might have a different ending. Unfortunately, Don is off to repeat the same mistake with the next girl he likes. Texting is a huge attraction killer, but it can be an equally destructive buzz killer. When texting a girl you like, less really is more.

I have swooned and been swooned by some really skilled texters. I have hung on their every text and I have also cringed at the sound of the phone.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Conveying Mystery With Text Messages to Women

It really is what you don't say that packs the punch. Let's say she just texted you "What ya doing?". You can answer her and tell her of course. " I just had lunch, now I am going to walk the dog." How boring is that? No mystery there is it. When texting a woman, be fun, not dull.

Let her imagination do your work for you. Don't actually answer her question. Dance around it. Change the subject. This would be even more effective if she asked something like "What are you up to tonight?". It leaves her wanting more information, a sure way to build mystery when texting a woman.

Another way to avoid the questions is to answer something just crazy or off the wall. Something like "Signing autographs, whatever, you get the point. It starts an entirely new conversation
yet she still doesn't have the answer to her question. Again she wants more information.

When texting a woman, less is more. Another way to be mysterious is to not reply right away. Wait a while. Let her wonder what you are doing that has you so busy you can't answer. Now chances are good that if you don't answer right away she will text again. If she does, use this opportunity to pick at her for her impatience and how she must really want you to keep texting.

When texting girls so many guys are so boring. They are predictable. Boring and predictable do not build attraction when it comes to texting women. Mystery and illusive build attraction. Be evasive. This makes her want to see you. It's a challenge and all people, male and female, love a challenge. It's a fact.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Texting A Girl. Build the Attraction

So what are the best ways to text a girl? You want to get her interested and hopefully keep her interested. The best way to do this is through humor with a little suspense. Stay away from boring and the same old same old. Girls get the "good morning" text all the time. Nothing creative in that. You could have that stored and just pull it up and hit send. No effort there and we know it. Same thing with the beautiful, sexy and gorgeous names you use. Be different when texting girls, all guys send these.

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If you have to call her a name think of something cute and funny. I had a guy that always joked about how smart he was. Well he would call me grasshopper. You know, the one that learns from the teacher. Grasshopper made me smile way more than sexy or beautiful ever would. It showed me he was paying attention to the conversations we had. In texting a girl, be creative and use your sense of humor.

Don't over text girls either. It gets annoying especially when you are saying nothing really. Don't make dates over a text message or have any discussions. When you are texting to a girl mostly use this communication as a way to make her smile. It's like an anchor to her. Then every time she sees it's you texting she will associate that with a warm fuzzy feeling. The warm fuzzy feeling equals you in her mind. Keep the more serious things or talks to a phone call. When texting girls, keep it light and breezy.

Flirt, flirt, flirt when you are texting a girl. Banter and pick a bit. Be a bit elusive. Instead of saying you wish she was here, say I wish I was on your balcony drinking a beer. This will always make her think in her mind, what about me. The result you are going to get a response and she opens the door for more flirting. Flirting and texting girls goes hand in hand

Texting with a girl is great for you guys. We know you really don't like to talk on the phone and it also decreases your chances of rejection. When you are texting girls remember we are emotional creatures and not so visually stimulated like you are. We often hang on your words and you often make our day with a few well thought out sentences. Make us smile, keep the mushy stuff out and be a bit mysterious and elusive. When you think about what you are going to text a girl, always think fun.

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Women place a huge importance on phone calls and texting from men. You would not believe how we stress over this. It is a huge tool and if used properly can literally transform your dating life and relationships. You can build a huge attraction and keep it by learning how to use the phone to your advantage.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Flirting like Crazy with Text Messages

Today text messaging seems to be a prime means of communication between the male and female species. Its easier to type a text message than pick up the phone and call. It can also be very effective because you have the time to think and plot what it is that you want to say or how to respond.

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Women are not stimulated like men. Men are visual creatures, women more emotional and the stimulation starts in a woman's mind. If you can stimulate her mind, you can get and keep her interest. Men don't respond to words, but women do. They read them, and store them and reflect upon them. The words you use can make a huge difference in how the women in your life see you.

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A lot of men make the mistake of using those friend type text messages, like good morning, how are you, what cha doing type thing. A girl opens her phone up to see that and goes, "Oh Boy, same old same old". You want to stand out above the others. You want to be funny, flirty and witty. Don't waste your texting making her your friend by being like all the others, stand out, be different.

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Women like men, like a challenge. You can chose your words well and pique her interest and get her dying to meet you and be with you. By being creative and using your imagination and a few guides, you can use text messaging to take your dating game or love interest to the next level. What have you got to lose, learn to flirt her up and down through text messages.

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I am a single woman active in the dating scene. I am finding that men spend a lot of time in my phone. Some are welcome there, but most end up deleted. I love a man that can send a great text message. It can be endearing, funny, and interesting. It sparks my interest and makes me want to see him when he sends those great flirts and leaves me with no choice to flirt back.

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