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Friday, August 12, 2011

Why She Is Never In The Mood

Michael Fiore says it all in this video about how to turn even the coldest woman to Hot!  Michael was on the Rachael Raye show amazing audiences.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sexting Tips - How to Sext Her Into Bed

First, this is geared towards married men or men already in a relationship. Of course the principles will work for men in general wanting to get laid, but that is not something I am a huge advocate, but to each his own.

So often I hear men say or joke about how their women just don't seem to want to have sex like they did when they first met. This happens. The honeymoon phase wears off. It takes more to get the woman turned on. Ever made a move towards your girlfriend or wife to have her go a bit cold or tell you she is tired. She hates doing this, trust me, but she really doesn't feel like it. Does she not initiate or rarely initiate sex anymore? This is really a shame because it doesn't have to be this way, but I can tell you why.

Stress, day to day life gets in the way. A woman's desire sort of goes to sleep. They aren't going to just wake up all on their own, you are going to have to help her some. You need to wake her up.

Men can go from zero to 100 in just minutes because they are visually stimulated. I could walk out of the bedroom with panties on or just heels and my boyfriend would be sitting on ready. It would be instant because men are visually stimulated. This is not the case with women, we aren't visually stimulated.

You can send flowers or buy her gifts, but this isn't going to work either. She is touched and thinks it's sweet, but her carnal sex drive it will not awaken. A woman is stimulated by what she feels and imagines. Her erogenous zone is her mind. Her mind is her biggest sex organ.

What turns a woman on? A man is turned on by porn for the most part. A picture of a man with this raging hard on is not what gets a woman excited and dying to jump your bones. Have you ever read those crazy romance novels? I have. I am not a fan of them, but I will confess, I have become soaking wet from the language that is used in them and the pictures they create in my imagination.

So how to you do this by sexting? You stimulate her biggest sex organ, her mind, imagination and how she feels. By doing this you give her permission to open up her desires to you. Desires that may embarrass her or that she may find difficult to share. If you are the one stimulating her imagination and helping her create these pictures, yes by a few texts, you can turn your sex life around. You can have her dying to get her hands on you regardless.

I recently got a sext message from a guy who has read the sexting book. A few lines flipped my stressed out switch from off to on. He sent this one message. "I can't stop thinking about you this morning". I replied "Why" Now he could have been crude, or highly sexual, but he didn't. He played with my imagination and let me lead the fantasy from there after a few texts. He replied to my why with this. "Your looked delicious in my shirt this morning".

I won't share the rest of this conversation, but let's just say, it escalated. He opened the door and gave me permission so to speak to be bad. If you don't think you can text your woman into bed, I got news for you, you can. Just not like you may think. Sexting tips for men are far different than sexting tips for women, trust me on this one.

Text her into bed tonight.