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Monday, January 9, 2012

How to Meet Women On Facebook

First note the title says "How to meet women on facebook", not "how to pick up women on facebook".  The pick up artist communities can tell you how to pick up women if sex is your goal.  In truth I could tell you how to do that too, but I am just not gonna.  ;-)

If you are a single guy, meeting women online is an option.  It's actually a good one, there are many success stories out there.  If you are looking at facebook as a way to meet women though, first you are going to need patience.  This is not an instant satisfaction process.  It's more long term gratification.  It is rare that you meet a new lady friend on facebook and find yourself on a date with here within days.

I can assure you a smart, emotionally healthy, woman gets more than her share of attention on facebook.  They get emails just out of the blue asking to get to know her, telling her she is hot and the list goes on and on.  This is not a good way to meet women, just sending her random emails, no matter how clever you think they are.  Posting a comment to everyone of her posts isn't effective either.  That is borderline stalking.  So how do you do it?

It's a process.  You start by broadening your circle of friends.  You have to start paying attention also.  Paying attention is great practice by the way for when you do finally meet a great gal.  When I say paying attention that means logging on and watching the posts of others.  Gravitate towards like minded individuals.  Interact on the walls of others and become conscious of their friends.  Doesn't matter if it's male or female.  If you find a friend of a friend that posts things that appeal to you, add them.  They have like minded friends, I promise, of the opposite sex. 

Don't be scared to add females as friends.  If she doesn't accept, it's okay, another one will come along.  Just keep broadening your network.  Interact and comment.  Get involved in the conversations.  If a female comes on and says something that you like in the comments, post it on the thread and say so.  Big tip, use her name and address her personally in public (don't mail her).  It's human nature to love recognition by the way.   This gets her attention. 

Now you don't want to continuously call her out every time you see her on facebook.   This is too obvious and a quality woman will recognize this and become suspicious.  Women are by the way very suspicious in nature.  We suspect every man that goes even a bit overboard on us wants to sleep with us.  The reason we are this way is because you men have trained us that this is usually true. 

So you have to wait for another opportunity.  It will come, especially if you are focusing your efforts on just meeting women in general and not one particular woman.  You can see this is why meeting women on facebook is not an instant gratification thing and takes patience. 

The next step is once you have her attention is to throw in some flirts or statements that could be questioned if you could have meant something else, when the opportunity presents itself.  The double meaning thing.  Flirting on facebook should be fun.  Picking on women in a playful subtle way is pretty powerful.  Less is more, really it is. 

Summary here is to just interact and pay attention.  Don't just pop into a woman's inbox with no back ground to build on.  On the comments and threads you build the foundation.  This could take weeks or even months.  After the foundation is down, then you can go to asking her out.  There is something to be said about being patient.  It's self control.  I can assure you self control is a very very sexy trait to have. 

Also by not jumping into meeting her right away tells her something else about you.  It tells her you are selective.  This appeals to her.  The pick up artist communities spend a lot of time on this point.  The qualifying stage.  You are qualifying her.  This propels a reaction in women.  They often then begin to qualify themselves.

All in all I don't knock the pick up artist communities.  They have their good points.  Many a man has come to a better understanding of how the female mind works in these communities.  I am an advocate of using what they learn to actually meet and treat women well.  Not so much if it's being used just to get sex if you get my drift.  Of course I am a woman.

So meeting women on facebook as an option in your dating life. Have fun doing it.  No pressure, no mission, just meeting and interaction with women on facebook.  You might be surprised what happens.

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